Welcome to our new reality show, “Meet Mr. Opposite”. It’s the never ending saga of one, Barack Hussein Obama. Mr. Obama never does what reasonable, intelligent, and patriotic people think he should do. Instead he does just the opposite. And the really hilarious part of our show is…nothing bad EVER happens to him politically. There’s never a dull moment though, because foils and foibles are constantly befalling his subjects…err…constituents. What makes this show fun is, using the magic of your smartphones, you can interact with our show. You can text in what YOU think Barry should do. Everyone that predicts his behavior will receive a “Yes We Can” sweatshirt. Since this is a Patriot Update production, and our audience is mostly conservative, this should get interesting. Join us now for the madcap hijinks of the star of our show, heeeerreees…Barry!

In this first episode, coming fresh off a speech where he demanded that American’s tighten their belts and turn up their thermostats what do you think Barry should do? Okay, according to our audience poll, 80% of you think he should set the example by living a bit more austere lifestyle as President. And 20% of you think he should raise taxes, legalize pot and divorce Michelle so that he can pursue a gay relationship. Interestingly that entire 20% live in the Northeast and would you looky there, the entire 20% are unemployed and Democrats.

Now let’s tune in to see what Barry does. Oh…oops! He doesn’t do any of the things from our polls, instead he jets off to one vacation after another, while he forces the taxpayers to pay for an entirely separate vacation for his wife and daughters. He golfs with Tiger and parties with Jay Z. Michelle and the girls and Mother Obama are snow skiing one day, swimming in Cozumel the next. The cost to taxpayers was only thirty million dollars. What a bargain for you.

Okay, now scenario number two. Following a horrible and tragic act of violence at a school, wherein children and teachers were left unprotected in a “gun free” zone, Barack promises action. What do you think the President should do? This time 80% of you think he should help school systems establish a trained armed guard in every school to protect the students. You also think he should provide gun training for teachers and volunteers in case they are forced to provide protection. Finally, you think he should call for controls and fines for ultra-violent video games. 20% of you think Obama should give all our nukes to Al Qaida so that they will sense our desire for friendship. Now let’s see what Barry will do…

Wow! Bold move! Barry is working very hard to take guns away from law abiding citizens so that they can be even less protected. He doesn’t even consider talking to his Hollywood pals about toning down the violence in movies or video games.

Next, Obama is briefed on the horrific Gosnell abortion clinic trial. This time 90% of you think he should now honor the innocent victims of infanticide by ordering all flags to half-mast. You also think he should use his radio address to have a clergyman ask our nation for forgiveness for our endorsement of the horror of abortion. The other 10% of you think he should pretend that the case never happened. But…watch him…watch him…there goes that pesky Mr. Opposite once again! Instead of either of those, Barry gets up in your collective grills and becomes the first President to speak to the Planned Parenthood convention. He concludes his remarks (in light of one of the most gruesome abortion cases in history, one which Planned Parenthood knew about and in which they did nothing to protect the babies that were being killed) by saying… “God Bless You”!

Well folks we are about out of time for this inaugural episode but we do have time for one more adventure. It turns out there is a national emergency. Bombs were set off by Islamic immigrants to this country. Turns out, Barry’s Homeland Security Department was repeatedly warned that these guys were dangerous but they ignored all that and that’s a different story for a different day. So, here is our last poll question. What do you…our audience…think Barry should do. It seems that 95% of you think he should freeze student visas from Islamic countries until we have a better handle on who is coming to the US. You also think he should allow the FBI to interrogate the surviving bomber for a full 48 hours prior to reading him his rights. What’s more, you think he might reconsider the number of Muslim Brotherhood members Barry has invited into the White House and his cabinet. Five percent of you think he should send the bombers mother roses every week for a year, pay the family of the bombers ten million dollars…well… just because, and give the dead bomber the President’s Citizenship Medal posthumously. And as has been true every other time, this small percentage is all Democrats.

Okay, lets watch…Ohhh that tricky Barry Obama! He not only does the opposite, he also participates in Islamic calls to prayer in the White House. He makes sure the surviving bomber is Mirandized after only a few hours of questioning. Then he demands an immigration bill from Congress so we can bring in more immigrants whose history we don’t know and so that we can subsidize leftist political groups to “integrate” them into society. Then he rushes down to Mexico to encourage an increase in illegal immigration all while apologizing for US guns (ever heard of Fast and Furious Barry?) and our seemingly never ending appetite for drugs.

If only this were a reality show. And if only these were the only examples of Obama doing exactly the opposite of what is best for this nation. How did we end up with this person in the White House? And when will he and his ilk finally be defeated?