One of my favorite political commentators (and yours too, I’m sure) has a famous saying that is inextricably tied to his personality.  He likes to finish most of his speeches and public appearances by saying “Only in America” and then waving a couple of small-scale American flags.  I think the statement is fitting however, in this convoluted political season.  “Only in America” can a Presidency dominated by scandals of the Administration’s own making actually be the frontrunner in a reelection race between the two major political parties.  I was trying to think of all of the scandals that have surfaced over the last three and one-half years, and realized that if I wanted to write an article that might actually be read – I couldn’t list all of them here; the list would just be too long.

So, instead I thought we might rehash some of the more important/flagrant/disturbing abuses of political authority that we have seen perpetrated over the last four years.


First on this list is the Fast and Furious scandal which saw the American government complicit in the murders two American law enforcement agents, and several hundred Mexican citizens.  The ATF and the DOJ worked together to ensure that gun store owners in America purposely (and illegally) sold their weapons to gun runners, then these same agencies made sure that the weapons made it through border security and into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Mexican drug cartels that as it happens are winning the “war on drugs”, they’ve taken control of several Mexican states, murdered thousands of innocents, bought politicians, police, and military influence… and now we are literally giving them the weapons to kill us with.  I haven’t even gotten to the scandal part yet. The scandal is that the government then tries to obfuscate, lie, and cover up their complicity in this travesty of justice.  The President even went so far as to us Executive Privilege to shield the Justice Department from the investigation and yet, our very own Attorney General has been held “in contempt of Congress”, and the heads are just beginning to roll at the DOJ.


Number two on this ignominious list is the scandal at the General Services Administration, where money flows like water and no dollar goes unspent. The GSA has become a den of waste but it took a million dollar weekend getaway for us to find out about the free-spending nature of the government agency.  Since then the media and government watchdogs have begun to realize that the problems at the GSA are endemic and much more widespread than one conference in Las Vegas.  The administration’s response to this gross abuse of our taxpayer dollars… it’s Bush’s fault. Typical.


Third prize on our scandal list goes to the Solyndra debacle. With Solyndra at least the government was kind enough to blow our money over a few months instead of the GSA’s wild weekend.  However, they lost us over half a billion dollars over a few months by betting on Solyndra even though their own private emails show they were pretty sure they were throwing money down a sinkhole.  Did the fact that the guys asking for a loan were good friends of the administration have anything to do with overlooking the warnings about Solyndra? The situation smacks of corporate cronyism, which is becoming a hallmark of the Obama administration.


The fourth biggest scandal to hit under President Obama, is just starting to reverberate – the September 11 attack on the consulate in Libya.  Almost immediately the Libyan government denounced the murder of Ambassador Stevens, and followed up by stating they believed it to be an assassination carried out by al-Qaeda.  This was important, because it ran contrary to the narrative the administration began spinning that this attack and the other demonstrations across the Arab world which followed were because of a movie trailer posted on YouTube two months before.  The trailer which offended many Muslims was quickly branded the spark which lit the fire for the attack by the administration and they went so far as to arrest and “question” the creator of the video. (So much for free speech) The Obama administrations narrative is falling apart now, as we begin to learn the details of the September 11 attack.  A few facts which are very uncomfortable for the administration; First, they were warned of the attacks days before and did nothing. Secondly, the embassy was woefully unprotected.  Third, the administration knew this might have been an attack and still chose to lay the blame at the feet of an American citizen who’d broken no law.

The very fact that they had warning about the attack beforehand would seem to suggest that everything the administration said in the days following were blatant attempts to distract the media and lie to the American people.


Fifth place on Obama’s list of scandalous behavior is the effect Obamacare has on religious freedom and what it means for America, if we leave it in place.  I am not a Catholic, but the pressure being exerted on the Catholic Church by our government through the Obamacare mandate terrifies me.  It’s not just the Catholic Church either, it’s any member of the church who owns a business, operates a charity, or has the responsibility of providing healthcare to their employees. When coupled with the recent attack on free speech due to the embassy attack, the picture we get is rather bleak.  Obamacare is just one example of an ever expanding government bureaucracy, and if Obama wins in November there may be no coming back.  There is an idea in political thought called “the ratcheting up effect” (from John T. Flynn author of the Roosevelt Myth) which basically says that in a time of crisis the government expands to meet that crisis, but when the crisis has passed the government does not retreat to it’s original levels but establishes a new plateau at a higher level. We are in a time of crisis and have been for over a decade and what we are now watching is the advance of government bureaucracy like our nation has never seen and Obamacare is the poster child for the crushing onslaught of government control.


I know, I know… but you left out the worst scandal ever! I am sure that some readers have strong arguments for other greater scandals of the Obama administration, but that’s just the point isn’t it?  There are so many scandals for us to choose from, for example, I had to dump several of my favorites because of time and space constraints!  Some of those I left by the wayside; the Secret Service prostitution scandal, the GM takeover and return to failure scandal, selling out Eastern Europe to Russia, the kiss Russia’s backside scandal, the Black Panther voter intimidation DOJ scandal, the Obama college cover-up, and so many more.  An administration that has had so many scandals in so few years deserves to be tossed out on it’s ear, and it’s scandalous that he is still leading in most polls.

Just for fun, why don’t you post your favorite Obama administration scandal moments in the comments section!