After graduating from high school Michael Thatcher went on to study at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

Inheriting his grandmother’s passion for conservative politics, Michael recently worked for a Republican-aligned political organisation that aims to ‘educate and empower the Hispanic community with conservative values’.

Adryana Boyne, director of the organisation, called VOCES (Voices Offering Conservative Empowering Solutions) wrote a blog tribute to the Iron Lady, reported The Times.

In the post she said ‘Michael Thatcher has always been so discreet, and prudent about his relationship with Lady Thatcher.’

She said that both Michael and his sister made sure they did not use her name ‘with arrogance and pride.’

‘Not only those grandchildren have not used her name to try to exalt themselves, but all the opposite they have always been humble and kind.

‘The Thatcher grandchildren have demonstrated their own successes as young people on their own for whom they are, not because their last name and personal relationship with one of the most the most extraordinary woman in this century. 

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