Glenn Beck and Don Imus have the type of relationship that can’t be described, only observed. The two regularly join each other’s radio shows and what usually ensues is a cross between comedy, hilarity, and banter with some great content mixed in. This morning was no different when Beck joined Imus to discuss Beck’s latest book, “Being George Washington.”

The discussion started with Beck jokingly blasting Imus for not reading anymore and Imus asking if Beck believes in Heaven. Beck responded yes, and said that hell probably looks like Imus’s set. Imus then proceeded to tell a joke about a dream he had where George Washington complains that Beck is the one who wrote a book about him while Lincoln got Bill O’Reilly.

They finally got to the book: “The ironic thing about George Washington is that we are telling lies about a guy to show how honest he is,” Beck said, a reference to the thorough process Beck used to make sure the book was historically accurate.

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