Democrats have long blamed the National Rifle Association for their inability to further restrict firearms in the United States. The simple fact, however, is that gun control isn’t popular – and the N.R.A. is a group of citizens concerned about legislators trying to toughen restrictions despite citizens who would resist.

Time’s Mike Grunwald lamented that legislators don’t play on people’s emotional vulnerability enough, and that “there’s nothing wrong with politicizing tragedy.”

This is a representative sentiment held by progressives – see former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s comment that “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Progressives see nothing wrong with preying upon emotional vulnerability in the wake of a tragedy, despite laws that are made that way inevitably being really, really bad law.

What responsible Americans will do is wait for the facts, allow police to investigate the roots of James Holmes senseless, tragic crimes and calmly assess the situation then. For now, it’s important to let those affected in Aurora mourn and leave politics out of it.

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