Hallelujah! Trump is signing a law that will increase drug testing for those receiving welfare. FINALLY! I am so entirely tired of working long hours and having such a large percentage of my HARD EARNED money taken out and given to people who are abusing the system.

If you are elderly, or legitimately need the help then I don’t mind. I am all for helping those in need. However, if you are using your food stamps to buy junk food from the gas station to eat while you sit cracked out, and play lottery or the “Ding Ding” machines, then you are are absolutely abusing the system. If you are driving a nicer car than me, with a brand new phone, but you’re paying with EBT then you’re abusing the system.

If you are receiving help from the government, receiving the hard earned money of America’s working class, then you absolutely should be required to pass a drug test.

Welfare reform has been a high priority for Republicans and conservatives for many years, and now that President Donald Trump is in the White House, the possibility of such reform is finally feasible.

In what was quite possibly the opening salvo on welfare leeches, Trump was ready to sign a bill passed by Congress that would allow states to perform drug tests on those applying for unemployment benefits, WITIreported.

Under President Barack Obama, states weren’t allowed to test applicants for drugs unless they were applying for a job that already had mandatory drug testing. However, there’s a new sheriff in town — and he’s backed by a Republican-controlled Congress that, while far from perfect, is at least more likely to pass common-sense legislation like this than any legislative body under the control of people like former House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Now states will have the freedom to drug-test individuals before they start shelling out taxpayer money to people. This will help ensure that people receiving welfare benefits won’t use taxpayer money to buy drugs.

It was not immediately clear when Trump would sign the bill into law, but the White House has indicated that Trump will indeed sign it.

Republicans have cheered this bill as a victory for states’ rights, while Democrats have resorted to their old talking point of claiming that Republicans are targeting the poor.

News alert, WELFARE IS NOT A WAY TO SUPPORT A LIFESTYLE WITH DRUG HABITS. If you fail a drug test, then you should be cut off immediately!