Why are the majority of Americans, and maybe even you, so easily fooled into thinking there is a Wizard of Oz, when we already greatly suspect or know the real power is… those behind the curtain?

Why do we target all of our anger and angst at the Wizard, when he is only the front man, the puppet? Not that this Wizard is not deserving of every bit of our anger, as he is, but he is only the result, not the cause.

Why do we not research and understand those who are behind the curtain?

Are we still afraid of the dark? Of what’s under the bed? The ghost in the closet?

Are we so petrified, that we cannot ask: Who are the forces at work behind our POTUS? What is their agenda?

Further, since it is clear this Wizard, this POTUS, his SENATE, his appointees and czars are NOT focused on the most important agenda — which is clearly ONLY recovering and rebuilding America — and he IS focusing our government on everything that will drive decline since he entered office*, what ideology, mindset, and motivators would drive this clearly errant agenda and actions?

And, to gain even more clarity, simply imagine yourself to be the President of the United States, and ask yourself:
Would I do these same things if I were in charge of recovering and rebuilding America after one of the largest financial crashes since the Great Depression?
What would I do differently with a goal of recovery?
Would I choose this time to expand government, as a solution, increasing costs and debt?
Would I, as a result of this expansion, demand an increase in taxes and regulations?
Would I start more wars, increasing costs and threats of expanded foreign entanglements?
Would I alienate our allies?
Would I cause Americans to be angry with one another and hate each other due to focusing on their differences?
Would I threaten America’s core founding principles?
Would I blame the horrific deaths of law-abiding citizen’s innocent children at the hands of madmen, on innocent law-abiding citizens (9 out of 10 of these madmen are on psychotropic medications), and thus penalize the law-abiding, while doing absolutely nothing whatsoever to stop madmen from continuing their crimes using whatever tools of mayhem they find?
Would I threaten to take away the only means of security law-abiding citizens have to defend against criminals, the criminally insane, or even State tyranny, which is guaranteed by their Constitution? Would I do this at a time when the threat of crimes from criminals, madmen, and the State is at its peak given economic uncertainty, joblessness, and chronic malady?
Would I stoke the embers of fear, uncertainty, doubt and danger for those already angry with the incompetence of our elected officials and the theft of Trillions of dollars in wealth from their retirements and futures, by threatening more and more State action that will only continue to erode their wealth and retirements?
Even one with the most basic of intellectual capacities is able to answer these questions with a resounding, “No! These actions would only deepen and expand our crisis!”

Yet, at what point, then — when the POTUS and his leadership are ONLY doing things obvious to the objective eye that are destructive to liberty, freedom, free-markets, and thus the American way of life — do we stop and say, “Is there any way these actions could be anything BUT intentionally destructive?”

And finally, ask yourself: Why would a POTUS do this? Who is driving his agenda? Who would stand to gain the most? What would they stand to gain with America’s fall?

Here is the key. If we cannot bring ourselves to move beyond anger directed towards this one figurehead puppet, we will fail. If we are not able to move beyond focus and anger towards any one individual in our government (who individually are not capable of pulling off the aforementioned without broad and powerful help), we will fail. If we are not able to see the big picture, vs. reacting to the resulting “issues” generated by their hands, we will fail. If we cannot remain objective, with clarity of focus, to do our own research and understand the real, factual cause and effect of our current condition and the systems at work behind the curtains which have led to this condition, we will not only be frustrated and angry we will be wholly ineffective in the battle to restore, rebuild, and sustain American exceptionalism.

Finally, while you are researching the aforementioned by studying real, factual history and founding principles**, confirm for yourself in your research that American exceptionalism can only ever be restored via: the restoration of the guarantee of individual liberty; the protection of this inalienable liberty granted by God via a sound Constitution and Constitutionally-aligned law; the resulting natural free-exchange of private property between private citizens that follows from true liberty; and finally, the resulting massive prosperity free-markets always generate when unleashed for all people, regardless of race, religion, or creed. It is critical you know these are the building blocks of liberty and truly sustainable prosperity.

When you ask these questions objectively of yourself and you do your own research, you will know what I know and we will be able to act together proactively, vs. reactively to issues or individuals, to remove the Wizard and those behind the curtain. And, you will say, “Hell no! Not on my watch! I will not allow those behind or in front of the curtains to destroy America. We will restore America to Her glory and ensure our children and grand-children have the same opportunities as our founder’s children — to live in freedom and to die proudly handing on that torch.”

Save Liberty. Destroy Tyranny. Know Who Is Behind the Curtain.

* Reminders for those with short memories: bailouts; massive government expansion via healthcare legislation; malinvestment via government loans and guarantees; widespread cronyism; expanded military intervention; attacks on liberties — from speech, privacy, due process, and habeaus corpus, to self-defense and the right to bear arms; divisiveness; evasion and deception; aiding enemies; endless printing of fiat money; increasing deadly debt — all threatening our security, stability, liberty, and our Republic.

** Not via the mainstream media or government education, but via the original authors and those who crafted American freedom out of the chains of tyranny.

Article by David Chaney

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