How can a person be him(her)self in a world of compromise?
We (especially we conservatives, and I make no apology for
that) find ourselves in a hodgepodge of malaise to reality and
deception in a world that doesn’t seem to know or care about
the condition we are in.  And so, the march continues in
blindness of the masses who don’t know or care about the
future, as long as the food stamps hold out and the
government is ready at the door to dish out someone else’s
hard-earned income.  When the masses declare that they are
assuming a “new identity,” we yawn and go about our
business as usual.  The day has finally arrived when we
don’t know who we are, any more; at least, some don’t.  If
we say we are entitled, it is so!  And if we say we are
black, or blue or yellow, that is so, also.  After all, it’s
our decision, isn’t it?

One of the most authentic characters in our midst today is
the well-known radio personality, Rush Limbaugh.  I have to
admire this man who seems to thoroughly know who he is, and
enjoys it.  That, in itself, says volumes about our world of
fantasy.  Here is a man who has no fears about rattling the
cages of those who, in the conservative mind, are
despicable, criminal, political monsters, or otherwise
reprobates in public “service.”  What he tends to reap from
his disclosures and outings is a constant increase in
following.  Now, you might ask, why is that so?  In a word,
it’s “truth.”  In public, public schools and universities
today, that is a subject that is taboo.  Truth is anything
that one person declares to himself and don’t you dare
challenge him.

Truth is a foundation.  Upon this the building is built.
Without this, there is no foundation, no reality, no
rational for life, itself.  Building on this foundation is
the raison d’etre for a reasonable society; a community of
rational people to perpetuate, grow and extend their
existence.  When this all falls apart, as is our experience
today, we walk in darkness “and the truth is not in us.”

On the political scene, several contenders for the throne
are showing their true colors.  Some are attempting to
beguile voters with their desires for public office with
misleading information as to their true beliefs and/or
accomplishments.  Show your best, conceal your past, has
worked before, ala 2008 and 2012.  It shouldn’t work again
in 2016!  As more and more actual criminal activities are
disclosed about Hilary Clinton and her mounting shady
dealings, it is inconceivable that she could continue her
quest for President of the United States, let alone even
show her face in public.

As far as authenticity is concerned, I’m thinking of several
candidates with hats in the ring, including Ted Cruz, a man
who refuses to back down from an ethical stance; Scott
Walker, a man who knows who he is and has the moral
character to withstand the barbs from the left and Bobby
Jindol, a fine Christian man who has stood fast on difficult
ethics of today.  There are others, of course, who are,
character-wise, a huge step up from the travesty in today’s
Whitehouse.  It’s up to them to get their message across so
we can all make an intelligent decision in the next
election.  The rest is in God’s hands.  God doesn’t really
need our help, but it’s safe to say that we need His.