What do you think of Dr. Carson’s idea?

Dr. Benjamin Carson described a simple plan that will overnight practically eliminate the low-information voter. And the best part of it is that it will totally fry Rev. Jesse Jackson’s shorts and make steam come out of his ears.

Although Carson’s name has been discussed as a possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate, he starts out by stating that he’s not a Republican — but he’s not a Democrat either. He’s a conservative independent.

I tend to be more conservative. Because I tend to belong to what I call the Logical Party or the Common-Sense Party. And, conservatism tends to lean more towards common sense than progressivism does.

He follows up by suggesting how he would force voters to have to actually learn something about each candidate:

I actually would favor a voting system in which there were no political designations on the ballot, where you actually had to know what the person believed. You had to know how they voted in the past.

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