Before beginning this article, I researched a rather large selection of both foreign as well as domestic journals. One thing that I sincerely believe, is that it is all tied together with the “Arab Spring”; and that a war by proxy is being fought between Russian and the US.

Why? On the American side;

1- Obama stated in his book that should the tides turn against Islam in favor of Christianity that he would side with the Muslims. ( )

2- Obama, when it seemed that the Islamic extremists were being defeated, pushed Morsi into Egypt’s presidency who immediately began to turn the nation into a terrorist state run by the Muslim Brotherhood of which his brother is a key figure; for which he is now on trial by the Egyptian people and facing the death penalty. ( and ( )

3- While Obama’s brother Malik is equipping the terrorists in Sudan with CIA sanctioned funds ( see above link), the FBI in America is attacking Sam Childers ( winner of the Mother Teresa Award) for his role in assisting the war orphans who escaped massacre when their villages were annihilated. Why? They believe that he might have tried taking a gun with him to protect himself… ( )

4- Obama signs “act” giving funds to Al Qaeda: ( )

5- Kenya rebukes Obama’s desire to bring sodomy and the Muslim Brotherhood to power there as he attempts to bribe them with billions of US dollars. ( )

6- CIA backed terrorists hang women and children on meat hooks in Kenyan shopping mall. ( )

7- Vladimir Putin, who reclaimed Russia for the Christian Faith, calls America “godless” ( ) and promises help to persecuted Christians in third world countries being butchered by Muslims as the eyes of Christians being persecuted look unto Russia for help. ( )

8- CIA gun running ring supporting terrorists that kill women and children who will not bow to Allah is attacked and destroyed by well trained and equipped “anti-terrorist terrorists.” ( )

9- Obama and Clinton first lie, and then say, “What does it matter?”

10- Someone equips Christian Militias in Central Africa with training and weapons to drive Muslim radicals out of their country; as Christians begin to drive out those that were butchering them, the UN and US send “peacekeepers” to protect the Muslim Brotherhood. ( )

11- As American lawmakers strive to disarm the American Republic through legislation, courts, and militant police, the Muslim Brotherhood has entered the White House and Homeland Security declaring America an Islamist state. ( )

12- As American soldiers are training for martial law under the Obama Administration, (ie… the Muslim Brotherhood,) the American people rally for what means the most to them. ( )

13- WOW.