The attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, happened more than eight months ago and the American people still haven’t been told the truth about what actually transpired on the night of September 11th. We have been fed one lie after another. The White House immediately put out a story about a ‘spontaneous’ demonstration by a mob that went awry, supposedly upset by an obscure internet video that nobody saw. Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, immediately went on five Sunday talk shows and spoon-fed that bunch of lies to the viewers. Is Ms Rice really that stupid, and did she REALLY believe the ‘talking points’ she was ordered to present on national TV? And if she is, why is she in that high-profile position? Oh, yeah, she is an appointed liberal, that’s why.
Our illustrious leader Barry addressed the United Nations and spewed the same nonsense. Remember the date was September 11th – 9/11, a day of power and glory for the jihadists. Hey!! Before you started feeding us these lies did you even consider that the date (the anniversary of the World Trade Center attack), could possibly have anything to do with this attack? Of course not – this was prior to the election, therefore there was absolutely, positively no way that terrorists would dare attack us on your watch. Didn’t they watch your apology tour?
The plan to blame the video quickly unraveled however, and now more and more is being uncovered in the subsequent hearings. Hillary Clinton conveniently came down with a case of what I call “The Benghazi Flu” and was unable to immediately testify as to the events that transpired. Remember Deny, Deceit, Delay, and Deflect are guidelines this administration lives by (ditto the Clintons). They first denied it was a terrorist attack, even though people on the ground in Benghazi immediately recognized it as one. Then they “delayed” because Hillary supposedly got sick, needing several months to recover. They know that the American public has a short attention-span and hoped the story would quietly fade away and be replaced by something else in the next news cycle. In my opinion, Hillary getting sick was simply another lie they told us, but it gave her time to rehearse her story and plan her ‘cya’ story.
The story of the Benghazi debacle should not be allowed to fade away – we must have the full truth of the matter. Some people now compare Benghazi to Watergate. There is no comparison whatsoever. In Watergate, people broke into offices and stole papers – NOBODY DIED! Anybody remember that Hillary, deeply involved in the investigation and impeachment proceedings then as an aide, was fired for unethical behavior? During Fast and Furious Brian Terry died and in Benghazi Ambassador Stevens, Glen Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty died. Add in the number of Mexicans killed with the guns Eric Holder and his cohorts allowed to walk over the border into Mexico. These victims’ families need to hear the truth and learn what their loved ones died for. Fast and Furious is a perfect example of America’s short attention-span. When is the last time you heard anything about it? Has anybody in the Justice Department been prosecuted or even punished for it? Nobody has been punished for Benghazi either and it’s been eight months. Yes, Hillary it DOES matter.
Remember during the 2008 Presidential campaign when Obama and Hillary were debating who was more qualified to “answer that 3AM phone call”? Well we now know the answer to that question – neither one of them!
Some political pundits are predicting that Obama will not finish out his term because of the Benghazi cover up, and will be forced to resign. From my perspective I don’t see any way in hell that he will ever resign. He will have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the White House. Remember he is a narcissist, he is great and omnipotent, and nothing is ever his fault – just look at his record for the last five years and that becomes self-evident. Another reason is that Obama and his cohorts own the Justice Department et al. AG Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress — nothing ever happened to him, and Obama even invoked ‘Executive Privilege’ to help cover everything up. That always bothered me – Obama always insisting that he knew nothing about Fast and Furious, so how can he invoke executive privilege to protect what he supposedly knew nothing about?
When I was in the Navy we used to say “Sh-t flows downhill”, meaning that senior officers were never held accountable, the blame was always assigned to their subordinates. With that in mind I would be very nervous, if I were Susan Rice. She’s at the bottom of the hill looking up. She is the one who can put names to whoever told her to lie about the internet video inciting the attack. It was revealed in recent hearings that the ‘talking points’ were edited and redacted twelve times before a final (safe) version was produced, and she can identify those involved. What she should remember is that Obama and his cronies will not hesitate to throw her under the bus, she is expendable.
I would advise her not to believe the promises being made to her, and that she should take every possible precaution to ensure her name is not mentioned in the same breath as Vince Foster.
It appears that something really nefarious was going on in that consulate that this administration doesn’t want revealed. These questions must be answered, because it is obvious our diplomats were deliberately left there to die. The name I really want is who gave the order for the military to “Stand Down”? That person is personally responsible for the death of our diplomats and should be held accountable. To try and fail is one thing, to deliberately leave them to die is despicable!! So, Hillary – what difference does it all make? A hell of a lot, that’s what difference it makes.