Kids. You can’t tell them anything, they refuse to listen. They are sure they know everything and then they come up with ridiculous reasons not to engage in conversation. Listen to what some of them have said concerning Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before the joint congress.

Richard Cohen, in the March 3rd Washington Post, offers the racism view. “Netanyahu has … tethered Israel to the Republican Party. He was criticized for seeming to prefer Mitt Romney to Obama in 2012 and now has been enlisted in a partisan effort by the Republican House speaker to embarrass the president. In doing so, he dissed an American president who happens to be black, hardly a way to shore up support in the African-American community.”

Notice the racial current through every word; if paraphrased this might read “That Jew is all for the racist Republican Party, he supported the racist Mitt Romney in 2012, and is about to embarrass Obama just because Obama is black. If he thinks the African-America subset I speak for is going to like this he can go to hell.”

It just so happens that is how I read it.

How does giving a speech embarrass the President? The left is always calling for a dialogue on race relations, on this, or that; here is such an opportunity but the left will not engage. Instead Cohen defaults to liberal bilge, hoping to trump with the race card and then clearing himself of any white guilt or privilege by mentioning that our President happens to be black. That last thought strains out of Cohen self-consciously, as if he had said “Oh is he black? I hadn’t noticed until now.” American Seniors stranded in Nepal without their milk of magnesia are more relaxed than Cohen is when discussing matters of race. C’mon, Richard, black people know they are black, how could you fail to notice it until now?

He is embarrassing the President and all blacks by pretending to a racial naiveté he doesn’t truly possess.

It seems likely that Netanyahu is hoping to offer a point of view Obama’s administration will not admit is existential. He is offering an explanation to the American People, not to a sub-set of the American People. The impulse to divide us always wins out in the liberal mind. This just happens to be so.

Diane Feinstein took aim at Mr. Netanyahu for saying he would represent the “entire Jewish people”.

“I think it is a rather arrogant statement,” the California Democrat said on CNN’s State of the Union, “He doesn’t speak for me.”

Then why does Cohen speak of shoring up support in the African-American community? The leaders of GLAAD don’t speak for me, would Feinstein refer to them as arrogant?

Feinstein is Jewish. She is not only an American citizen, but is vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. As an elected Senator she represents the Americans in her California district. I hope she is selectively intelligent enough to know that as the elected President of Israel Mr. Netanyahu is not speaking for the entire Jewish people, but rather for the citizens of Israel who elected him to represent them. That is not arrogant, that is his job.

National Security Advisor Susan Rice told Charlie Rose that the controversy over Mr. Netanyahu’s speech to Congress had “…injected a degree of partisanship” into the traditionally bipartisan US-Israel relationship. That’s not only “unfortunate,” said Rice. “It’s destructive of the fabric of the relationship.” Now just who injected this degree of partisanship into this speech? About 30 Democrats loudly planned to skip the speech; they have been encouraged to do so by the White House. What a good sport our President is!

So why is Netanyahu delivering a speech in front of a joint session at the behest of John Boehner to talk about the nuclear talks with Iran?

I think the New York Times’ David Brooks says it best in a February 27th column, “Under the reported framework, Iran would have thousands of centrifuges. All restrictions on its nuclear program would be temporary and would be phased out over a decade or so. According to some reports, there will be no limits on Iran’s ballistic missiles; no resolution of Iran’s weaponizing activities.”

Netanyahu knows Obama is playing patty-cake with the murderer next door to Israel. Iran is not going to suddenly go all western and start dressing like Bruce Jenner. The administration toes its traditional line and is as transparent as a black hole in space. It has a history of lying to its own citizens (keep your doctor, no new taxes on anyone making less than 250k, not a smidgen of evidence) and so the Prime Minister of Israel has to come over and present a view we will not get from our partisan nightly news or a State Department blonde and vacuous spokesman.

But liberals don’t want to hear it. They demand a dialogue, but will accept one only upon their own terms. Their terms are always the same: Liberals talk; everybody else shut up and listen. You too, Benjie.

How people so close minded ever came to power in this country is beyond me. Liberals are not even embarrassed by their refusal to listen to the arguments of anyone who disagrees with them.  Like kids they know everything and won’t engage in conversation.

At a certain age you can’t force the kids to do what is right, what is respectful, what is fair.

You can only hope one day they will grow up.