I love this! And I would have gotten it wrong. Guess I wasn’t thinking outside the box. Heh. What would you do if you were asked this question? Think it through as you read it. It’s not as obvious as it at first seems. I personally don’t think this should be a question on a job interview simply because I consider questions more relevant to the line of work as being appropriate. But the guy who answered it this way is a total genius. Someday he will be a very successful man. We need more people like this.

From The Federalist Papers Project:




He definitely nailed the answer. It pays to not only think with your heart, but your head as well. I am terrific at puzzles, not so great at riddles or queries like this one. It requires a mental adjustment and I kind of have to twist my brain around it if that makes sense. I can see how the guy landed the job out of two hundred applicants after answering this question the way he did. It shows a different kind of thinking and logic. This is someone that would be great to talk to and work with.