The President of the United States has been making speeches about how much better off I am now in October 2014 than when he took office six years ago. I do not know what he is talking about.

He passed a poorly thought out Obama Care package to help the poor. He forced 6 million or so to get insurance they did not have; caused another 8 million or so to loose their insurance; and caused 40 million or so to have their insurance increase dramatically. He also promised us we could keep our plan and our doctor and neither of these proved to be technically true. He also promised that we would save $2,000 per year in the process. In my own case as a Middle Class American, I have found that I lost my plan, but could buy another for $2,000 plus a year more and they say it will increase by 25% next year. My medicines have gone up $400.00 per year versus $210.00 for generics! The President was trained in the Ivy League Schools, but he could not recognize that we could have bought the health care for the poor and save a lot of money all the way around. Did he intend to make so many people feel the pinch and be frustrated with agonizing paperwork?

I had to leave the work force well before my target time. When you divert to a fixed income there are consequences that many of us should not have to fear. The prices of everything have gone up at a faster pace and beyond reasonable bounds during these six years. I have had to cut back on what we eat each week but the grocery bill still increases. The price of gasoline has doubled and I am to feel good about it. My out of pocket costs do exceed my income and that will cause us much pain.

Speaking of gasoline has the pipeline been approved? Are we opening up our government lands for use to make us energy independent? Is his buddy still using the Deep Water Horizon for his personal goals?

The term Social Security is becoming a misnomer. This is true under the politics of our President. He actually made my 90 year old mother cry when he announced that he may have to delay our social security checks. He did not delay them so he must have had a need to make the elderly feel the pain. That is like being a bully. No that is what a bully does. If I am to feel so much better than I did six years ago why am I the first group to be denied a cost of living increase under the program? Does he want to hurt me and my family? He practically doubled the amount we give the welfare recipients and unemployed.   He gave out huge raises to the Federal Employees during the economic downturn.   Was he trying to make me, the middle class person, suffer?

What is going on in our school systems about Social Security? My ten year old granddaughter asked if my wife and I if we feel like we deserve our Social Security payment. Do we think we are entitled to the benefit? Somebody is trying to undermine this program using school children. My wife answered in an outstanding way. “If you put money in your piggy bank, is it yours? Is it ok for anyone to come take it away from you? Are you entitled to the money?” She asked.

What about the IRS? Just to start, the IRS should be eliminated or grossly reduced by putting in a better, simpler, tax code. But there is another much more illegal and treasonous thing going on within the IRS. The concept has been held within the government for a long time but seems to be on steroids during this particular administration. Like it or not all of the Federal Government belongs to and must have allegiance to the people. This President and really the Democrats has used the power of the government against the people. That is a no, no. The IRS has targeted individual citizens for the political advantage of the President and the Democrats. I have personal experience for the IRS retaliation against me after my book, “Tea Party Steeps for a Stronger America.” What they did to me, a Middle Class American, is not just a political ploy but is an out right Federal Offense that must not have Party indifference.

You see politicians were always allowed to bash their political opponents. It was a fight of “insiders.” But over the last many years politicians have taken aim at the citizens to politically advantage their own party. The citizens should be exempt from such despicable behavior. Politicians fight amongst your own. Protect the citizenry. In other words let the citizens make their decisions.

Another clear example of using the government against its own people is the 2008 election where whistle blowers called out a certain union being paid with our federal funds to help win an election. The community organizer did a number on the citizenry with little recourse. This kind of use of federal funds makes “good” politicians turn a blind eye when millions and billions of dollars given for seemingly good intended research finds significant money coming back into certain political coffers. It is despicable and it must stop!

Unfortunately there are many more stories in this political time that demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that he acts like a thug. His handling of Benghazi lying to us about a video rather than telling the truth just to win an election is despicable. Our people are so blind. He handles the wars over there more like he is one of them not one of us. So am I better off today. No!