Rush Limbaugh discusses the theory that Biden and other democrats who may want to pursue the Presidency in 2016 may intentionally be causing trouble for the presumed frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

CALLER: There was something else that went on, it didn’t get as much coverage, but John Kerry was posed a question in one of his travels somewhere about whether, you know, the State Department would be cooperating, and he said, very surprisingly, that the State Department would cooperate in any way with any kind of documentation necessary. Now we’ll see if he’s true to his word on that. And if it turns out that he is, I think we just may have a man behind the curtain who may be looking at 2016 and his rival for, you know, that position now —

RUSH: Now, this is an interesting thing that you bring up here Ron, old buddy, old pal.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Let me tell you what old Ron’s talking about here, folks. There are clearly Democrats besides Hillary who want to be president in 2016. I’ll guarantee you that every one of them is sick and tired of this puffball sweetness that’s being thrown at her. The Democrat Party owes this woman. It was supposed to be her presidency right now, ’til Obama came out of nowhere. Obama came out of the shadows, if you will, and took what was hers, and they still owe her. She’s been a good soldier and she’s taken the hit on Benghazi.

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