Vice President Biden could take on a critical role in the 2012 campaign, stumping in battleground states where President Obama has fallen out of favor among core constituencies.

Democrats reportedly are working on a plan to send Biden out to the three major political battlegrounds of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. Those states are key to any presidential victory, and states Obama won in the 2008 election. But recent polling from those states shows the president just about tied with potential Republican challengers in the 2012 election, and voter attitudes toward the president souring.

Biden could represent the kind of profile the Obama campaign needs. Whereas Obama has at times struggled to connect with white working-class voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and Florida’s major Jewish constituency, Biden has deep ties to both groups. His pro-Israel credentials come from his many years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. And he frequently stresses his blue-collar upbringing in a Catholic family from Scranton, Pa.

A Democratic official told The Associated Press that Biden has been working the phones with prominent Jewish groups and Catholic organizations in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. Plus he’s already made visits to those states.

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