Joe Biden descended on an Ohio union hall to deliver his first bona fide campaign speech of the 2012 cycle, ripping into the GOP field for opposing the auto bailout — and mocking Mitt Romney’s connections to Bain Capital.

All of the “guys on the other side” pretensions were ditched Thursday, as Biden — Obama’s chosen emissary to the white Midwest working-class — hammered Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum by name for the first time, in a city boosted by the $14 billion bailout of Ford and Chrysler.

“Hey! I’m back! You’re back! And the industry is back!” shouted Biden to a crowd of about 500 supporters organized in the brown paneled-union hall of Local 12 of the United Auto Workers.

“Gov. Romney [said] ‘Let Detroit go bankrupt… he called [the bailout] worse than bankruptcy,’” Biden shouted to a chorus of a sympathetic boos. “Newt Gingrich said [the bailout] was a mistake.”

And Biden sneered at GOP claims that the bailout could have been prevented if private firms had stepped in to save the companies, instead of the limited federal takeover.

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