In the ideal of today’s self appointed traffic cops, any automobile you’ll purchase will have an in-car alcohol detector to stop you from “drinking and driving” before you get the opportunity. (Despite drunken driving fatalities being at an all time low, i.e., one per every 274,244,948 miles driven, some activists can’t rest until they can get to every last drop).

To be clear, I’m not talking about or objecting to attempts to stop drunk driving. But in activists’ future world, your car won’t start even if you were drinking below the current level for arrest. Physiological factors and liability concerns dictate that these detection devices will be set well below the current legal limit of .08 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC) — possibly as low as .02 or .03.

Today’s nanny-state advocates are pressing Congress to spend another $60 million of your money for additional research into this technology, to stop you from having a glass of wine with dinner before you get behind the wheel.

Debt crisis? What debt crisis?

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