Take a look at the long list of people who had a hand in bringing about the government shutdown and yet another kerfuffle over the debt ceiling, then take a look at the short list of who they blame, and you can’t avoid coming to a somewhat surprising conclusion: That little grass-roots movement called the Tea Party and the handful of politicians inspired by it may, at this moment at least, be the only things standing in the way of globalists’ long-term plans for eliminating America as a viable nation.

It’s a big claim for a movement that we’ve all been assured by the media is dead and that in reality is largely composed of, ahem, “mature” Americans who know something about this country’s founding principles (an increasingly rare breed, unfortunately).

But it’s not overstating the case, either.

The shutdown was brought about by President Obama, his cronies in the Senate, and his allied RINOs, first to ensure that Obamacare rolled out unhindered and fully funded, second to pressure the GOP leadership into agreeing to pass yet another increase in the debt ceiling. That’s one version of it, anyway.

When you look at who supported Obamacare on both sides of the aisle, it’s painfully obvious that even with Tea Party-inspired opposition, it was going forward fully funded. Similarly, the debt ceiling will without a doubt be raised.

The shutdown is pure theater, but theater with a purpose.

The key players in Washington know what a bad idea for the country and for individuals Obamacare is, hence they have exempted themselves and their friends. They also know that increasing the country’s debt is a recipe for economic collapse, but again they have “exempted” themselves by putting themselves in positions to gain from the chaos they are creating.

Behind the moves to increase the government stranglehold on individuals’ lives and to push the country closer to a final collapse are the international banking houses, which are all plugged into the U.S.’s economy through the Fed.

Deutsche Bank CEO Anshu Jain and other international banking big shots were in Washington for a conference this weekend. Jain warned that U.S. default on its debt obligations would be “utterly catastrophic.”

He’s lying.

The current “shutdown” has been about angering the public, not actually putting any brakes on government spending. If the debt ceiling were not increased, the U.S. would not need to default on its debts, but it would have to make some actual efforts to curb its spending, probably very minor ones, in order to meet its obligations.

But suppose the U.S., probably caught up in another Obama tantrum, were to actually start missing payments. The international banks who actually pull Washington’s strings would have you think that it would affect interest rates, available credit, spur another recession and cause dogs and cats to live together.

The banks assuredly would try to bring those things about, but are they necessary consequences? Of course not. The banks are the ones who make up the rules; they could just as easily change them or ignore them.

They won’t, though, because money is power, and like vampires drinking blood of their victims, they require a constant supply.

That only happens if they can convince you to give it to them. You do this by paying taxes, taking out mortgages, getting car loans and using credit cards — in short, by chaining yourself to debt, which generates wealth for bankers and makes you a slave.

The only way to get you to agree to that is through fear — fear of not being able to afford a house, fear of not having a car, fear that you won’t have enough money for your family, fear about your future.

Obamacare, same tune, different chord. It’s just fear about your health and fear about incurring the wrath of the IRS, which goes back again to fear about your financial well-being.

Bankers and politicians all want you to believe that you can’t live without government or debt, both of which make you a servant to the will of others.

Before the Federal Reserve Bank was created in 1913, life was a lot easier financially because this country had relatively little inflation. In the 1800s, you could still buy a shovel for about the same price as your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather did in the 1600s. Since the Fed’s creation, we’ve had runaway inflation, frequent recessions, ever-worsening poverty and now lower standards of living.

And yet the people in charge of this debacle and who benefit from the mess they’ve created continue to get their way because the big picture is obscured, unclear to the average viewer who just wants to know that he can buy an Xbox for three easy payments.

Which brings us back to the Tea Party. Despite inspiring some people such as Ted Cruz, the Tea Party doesn’t have any real power in Washington, except for one thing that makes it dangerous: The power of information.

When a man like Cruz stands up long enough to gum up the works for a few days, people start asking why, and some of them won’t accept the propaganda response from the media.

There may have been no way to stop Obamacare or the debt ceiling hike, but it was in the end an effective way to get out the Tea Party message of lower taxes, constitutional government and free market principles, all of which are anathema to the globalists.

The shutdown is theater for the purpose of linking the Tea Party to trouble in the minds of the public: See, you vote Tea Party and your family can’t go to the Grand Canyon or the National Mall.

As George Orwell said, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

The Tea Party didn’t cause the shutdown, but it did make some people begin to think for themselves, and to the Obama Administration, the Democratic Party, RINOs, the media and all the other globalists, that’s the most dangerous power of all.