You don’t get two stances on a policy issue because you know two languages. Unfortunately for Senator Marco Rubio, there are people besides him who know both English and Spanish, and he has been caught in bilingual doublespeak (link).

The one thing that I thought united every stripe of Republican was that border security needed to be first, no questions. Whether the legalization of some illegal aliens is amnesty or an understandable acceptance that some crimes happened so long ago that it would be inhumane to deport some people who have nonetheless built their lives here, the border needs to be secured before that happens. Without defined borders enforced to a high degree, we are not a country in a sense, just a region. This could mean just actually gaining the resolve to enforce the laws on the books or to adopt stronger laws (and then actually enforce them).

What happened? Less than a week ago, Rubio was claiming that the border security needed to be strengthened (link) and was suggesting that this was necessary for the bill to pass. Now Rubio moves to his second language and second policy stance on immigration. In Spanish, he says Republicans are defeated. They have to accept that, again, the Democrats will get what they want and that Republicans won’t get what they want.

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