Bill thought he was in trouble when he got impeached. He might want to watch his back after this one.
Check it out:

Contrary to his public persona of steadfast support for his wife’s 2016 campaign, a new book claims that a reckless Bill Clinton actually does not want his wife to win the White House, and that he sabotaged her 2008 campaign with his disastrous performance in South Carolina — and intends to do it again.

The book, Clinton, Inc: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Brand, by Daniel Halper, has won praise for its appraisal of the once and possibly future first family, based on interviews with high-ranking former Clinton administration officials.

Back in 2008, as the book notes, Bill got into a public feud with prominent African American Democrats and the Obama campaign in bizarre red-faced tirades, souring Hillary’s relationships with a key Democrat base and beginning a downward spiral for her campaign effort against Obama. The book also claims Bill had to be talked out of bringing a mistress on the campaign trail. “There were a lot of advisors who told him that was a bad idea,” a former Clinton aide tells Halper in the book..

Clinton aides tell Halper that Bill’s bizarre behavior wasn’t likely an accident and that even Hillary, in private moments, wondered if it was “sabotage.”

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