Most of these folks don’t even know how to buy a vowel, let alone a clue.

Bill Maher is very unhappy that rich conservatives are having an impact on politics.

With this in mind, HBO’s Real Time host on Friday encouraged “rich liberals” such as guest Jay Z, Oprah Winfrey, and Steven Spielberg to “get in the game,” “pony up” and “buy a state” (video follows with transcript and commentary)..

BILL MAHER: But in 2010, the Supreme Court issued their infamous Citizens United ruling which raised the amount people could give to political campaigns from a few thousand to infinity. It’s why I was able to give Obama’s PAC a million bucks. It’s why Sheldon Adelson was able to spend 150 million against Obama. And it’s what has allowed a guy like Art Pope on the local level to hijack an entire state and impose the laws he wants, crazy laws that 4/5 of the people there don’t want. But it doesn’t matter what the people want. It’s what Art Pope wants.

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