al gore

Al Gore is attempting to derail America’s badly needed third party candidates.

As Americans gear up for the disappointment of November’s election, one prominent liberal is warning Americans to not vote their conscience.

Al Gore, famous for profiting from eco-guilt after releasing the hoax-perpetuating film “An Inconvenient Truth”, has lashed out against the third party supporters who will value their right to vote by voting for the candidate of their choosing.

“Recently, Gore was interviewed about his thoughts on climate change, 2016 candidates, and a third-party option. We all know that Gore, and those on the left, continue to blame the Green Party’s Ralph Nader for producing a ‘spoiler effect’ that handed the election to George W. Bush. However, this is a complete myth. Nader took about 95,000 votes in the swing state of Florida, which became the focal point of the 2000 contested election.

“Assuming that each one of those votes would have been an absolute vote for Gore (virtually impossible), you still have the 308,000 Democrats that voted for Bush and 190,000+ ‘liberal leaning’ voters doing the same thing. If we add in the fact that Gore lost his own state of Tennessee while enjoying an economic surge, all we are left with is another politician blaming voters and not taking responsibility for their own failures as a candidate.”

In other words, Al Gore is just as wrong about the effect of third party candidates as he was about global warming and greenhouse gasses.  In all honesty, the former vice president should just be ignored at this point.

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