Never in the history of hornswoggling has anyone been hornswoggled quite as badly as Bill O’Reilly last week.
Check it out:

The occasion was a White House event called “My Brother’s Keeper.” The president talked about rescuing young black men from the “disparities” they experience every day in schools, courts, income, families, housing, jails, drugs, jobs, crime and … well, you get the picture.

O’Reilly was there, and the president was happy: “If I can persuade Sharpton and O’Reilly to be in the same meeting,” that was a good sign, he said.
The president also sprinkled buzzwords like “personal responsibility” into his remarks.

When this crowd talks personal responsibility, what they really want is for people like Bill O’Reilly to take personal responsibility for everything he has done to create and perpetuate the white privilege that causes so much relentless white racism … that causes all the disparities.

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