Welcome to Round 100,000 of a sparring match that is destined to end never. In this corner is Daniel Mingo, “recovering” homosexual and founder of Abba’s Delight. And in this corner is an estimated 9 million gay Americans, who claim they would rather fight than switch.
Check it out:

Scratch that. The going scientific hypothesis among militant gays is that they can’t switch — that, to quote advice columnist and same-sex marriage proponent Dear Abby, “they are born that way.”

From Abby to Abba, which brings us back to Mingo. His message, emblazoned on a billboard in Louisville, Ky., reads, “Not everyone who is gay is happy. You have options.”

Mingo, who “walked away from homosexuality 21 years ago because I knew it wasn’t in line with God’s will for my life,” explains that his message is specifically geared toward “people who have same sex attractions that are unwanted.” It is with an eye toward helping such individuals that Mingo founded Abba’s Delight, a ministry and halfway house of sorts.

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