Massive spending.  Let’s just review where we are here.  Massive spending under the so-called tax deal.  Massive new food regulations.  Spends more on school lunches — remember, now, school lunches, this is school breakfast, school brunch, school lunch, school snack, school dinner, and then everything else.  They want to be in charge of what kids are eating here.  This bill even regulates bake sales.  Openly gay individuals in the military, against the advice of the Marines and the Air Force.  The START treaty, massive omnibus spending bills that fund Obamacare and over 6,000 earmarks.  It goes on and on and on.  The damage being done to this country by this Congress, including a number of Republicans is disastrous.  It is a finger in the eye of the public.  It’s now them against us.  Folks, there’s no way around it.

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