In today’s PC Liberal world human life doesn’t matter anymore. Whether it’s White, Brown or Black, Liberals view low-level humans as disposable parasites put on this planet as necessary tools to advantage their end cause. They’re exploiting the belligerent masses with the least to loose and the loudest voices to cause the most damage in setting a precedent needed to activate their power grab. Across this country we’re watching unemployed and misguided kids create bedlam. In these urban areas they all have Obama phones so they can text and call up flash mobs quickly and really, the only thing stopping them is good law enforcement.

Why are Cops accused of racist brutality when arresting a black criminal by scrutiny of the suspect’s education level, available area jobs and white privilege when the thug runs, assaults the officer or resists arrest? Why a rush to defend black criminals over cops before any evidence is in; contending Police are guilty until proven innocent? More importantly why do Black lives (only) matter to the Media when it’s a black criminal killed by a white cop and not the high death rate of (Black on Black) killings? Where’s the Media defending the white NYC police officer, Brian Moore, who was just shot in the head and died at the hand of a black thug?

Why doesn’t coverage of Christian genocide or Police lives matter to the Media, black community or Obama? Simple, Obama is not behind freedom or liberty and this doesn’t fit his Liberal scenario of white privilege. His cause is more important than innocent people.

In Baltimore it’s not the police the black people should be angry at but rather the corrupt politicians. For over 50 years they’ve been duped by Liberal policies through an “ideology of lies”. This process of self-deception denying or rationalizing away black life has relevance created the willingly ignorant welfare-dependent government leeches across this country. The people of Baltimore have their own motives now; they’ve grown accustomed to being on the government’s dole and want to continue their immoral lifestyles afforded by the State without any responsibility. Worst of all they have no shame for their part in what they did to the Businesses or the Police, from their enclaves of anarchy.

Democratic politicians have lied to the people and stolen their future by siphoning off 1.8 Billion dollars sent from the Obama stimulus package. $467 mil assigned specifically for education and $26 mil earmarked in crime prevention. Where is that money? If black lives matter why wasn’t it spent on school vouchers to educate blacks or create job programs? It lined the pocket of some bureaucrat who didn’t allow the people (sweat equity) to invest in their own life or community but take revenge as agents of destruction out of envy.

More black hotbeds of contingency are planted across the U.S. and are waiting for a signal to spring up.

Recently elected Governor Larry Hogan, (MD-R) stated that because of the vandalism 200 businesses and jobs were lost in the community, gone forever from Baltimore once the 6th largest city in the US, now 25th. Most of the business owners were minorities living in the neighborhood without Insurance and can’t afford to rebuild. The livelihoods of 200 shop owners, employees and their families, Black, White, and Asian were all destroyed. These lives didn’t matter to blatant self-serving Liberal hypocrisy.

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore was way out of her legally bound jurisdiction when she deliberately resigned her duty to protect her city’s innocent business owners, giving instead, rioter’s permission to a town’s spasm of demolition. This was evident with her saying, “we must give those who want to destroy, space to destroy”; clearly a page of political gesturing from Ferguson’s “burn this baby down”, inciting violence playbook. She gave credence to the law abusers over the law abiding she swore an oath to protect at a time when they needed her protection most. She should be in jail.

This PC racist’s rodeo is now getting the attention of a global audience. Obama planted a universal seed at the UN speech that such a thing as White Privilege racism still exists in America, mentioning Ferguson.

Black lives don’t matter to progressive puppeteers but the puppets loyal service does matter.

I say this after the Grand Jury finally exonerated white Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, as innocent yet the mob still held him guilty and sentenced him to prison. He was forced out of his job and career as a Police officer. He was forced from his home, his city and in fear of his life with a target on his back by the Black Panthers, Al Sharpton and even mentioned at the UN by Obama. He received no severance pay and no apology to this day for all the injuries he endured, by a black thug.

Looting and rioting theatrics pits black against white and poverty against privilege to warrant dispersions of government intervention and control over state policing. Expect more Ferguson and Baltimore unrests planned to establish credible bases for the continual rioting against perceived white bias by white police with excessive brutality in the arrest of black criminals.

The Left pander to the propaganda used to train the herd to divide this country through their mantra of Black lives matter with violence and its working.

A career agitator like Al Sharpton devotes his life and entire focus to undermining and taking down a very important part of society, law enforcement which ultimately takes down our whole society. Activists like Sharpton take an incidence like Travon Martin, Michael Brown and now Freddie Grey and use it to condemn an entire profession that keeps the whole country safe.

They damn an entire industry devoted to civil order knowing full well this is the secret to subverting and destroying humanity; their fundamental change. This is Liberal ideology at work. It has nothing to do with police brutality, racism or the facts of Freddie Grey’s arrest; this smacks of something much larger. It’s about deception distracting us from what Obama is doing to our country, our religion and our freedoms. This is about Obama’s subversive activists trying to destroy the one thing that keeps us together as a secure and just nation in the fight against evil.

Obama must present a nationwide plausible case that Police are deviants against the people, substantiating a serious enough uprising that causes him to take control by force. This attitude will spread pervasively across Small Ville USA having anarchy rebels bestow their version of justice onto all whites not just the police. Ultimately that opens the door to confiscating all arms in America either by choice or by Martial law. Politicians are already calling for the disarming and confiscating of officer’s weapons undermining state’s authority, and transferring it to the President. Executive action will call for a changing of the guards.

Entrepreneur small business and middle class taxpayer’s lives don’t matter either because they’re blocking the path developing a socialistic society who’s re-constructing America’s Freedom to Tyranny leaving only an upper and lower class Echelon.

Reverse racism is meant to weed out the patriotic citizens who built this country on freedom of religion, believing all lives matter under our Creator and are still clinging to their guns and Bibles. All of who are going to have to be extinguished for Tyranny to prevail because we don’t view government as our God and we will not go down without a fight.

It’s not that black lives don’t matter; it’s more about mindset of how black majorities vote Democratic making government their god. A long time ago they chose to be welfare-addict slaves to big Brother’s control of their life. Maybe they didn’t realize they had sold their souls, from cradle to grave, to the Left’s clutches, but now they’re chained to its every call to duty. This powerful controlling savior’s thumb their under has only so much value assessed to their life by his calculation’s. When their life has exceeded its usefulness to the deity it’s used up and so is their life’s worth. At that point they are disposable and then of course…Black lives don’t matter anymore.