Disturbing news has been building over the past few years of black mobs
terrorizing shop-keepers, mainly in the larger cities. They come in force,
wreak havoc, wreck the shop and abscond with as much of the goods as they
can carry. It is obvious that the crimes are well planned. The
viciousness of the attacks is unconscionable and seemingly even encouraged
by the lack of police control or arrests. Malls are especially hit with a
large force and are quite vulnerable. As spread out as they are, it is
difficult to adequately patrol everything so it is imperative that
effective surveillance be exerted to counter the buildup of the mobs.
Local media are somewhat complicit as they fail to publish the fact that
they are black. After all, we can’t call a spade a spade anymore…racist,
you know. All the while, the culprits continue to get more brazen and more
destructive. That’s not helpful to the public’s view of the black
community…or to the development of their youth.

Hoodlums have attacked in force in New York City, Chicago, Peoria,
Philadelphia and Fort Lauderdale among others – leaving behind chaos and a
stunned and fearful populace. Black-mob-knockout-games are an increasing
occurrence and become more vicious, targeting innocent individuals on the

The meager headlines covering these attacks treat them as innocent
pranks. It is frightening to witness this hateful lawlessness building to
the point that it very well could develop into a civil war. There are
people who can claim much responsibility for this behavior: Al Sharpton and
Jesse Jackson are two, and President Obama is actively cultivating it, all
the while ridiculing people like entrepreneur Herman Cain, top world
neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson and Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory.

There are many reasons for this lawlessness to have grown to this
proportion – perhaps too numerous to mention. On the surface, there is a
vast number of unemployed black youth – who have too much time on their
hands and not enough education and/or desire to work. This is also fed by
liberal politicians who actively encourage non-work through extremely
excessive “free money”…and academia that attempts to persuade their
charges that they “deserve” what everyone else has without the necessity of
having to work for it. Go occupy somewhere – you deserve it. Trash the
local stores – they’re ripping you off…

A word of caution: when you destroy your local businesses, you destroy
your own community. Nearby stores will think seriously of leaving and the
deterioration will continue. Companies will leave and none will gamble on
returning. And this cancer will spread to neighboring communities with the
same results…your communities. When stores become vacant, after mobs
break their windows and flashmob their merchandise, boarded up windows and
weeds will grow where once flourishing stores brought you merchandise and
food from around the world at great cost. How many communities will you
destroy before you awaken to the reality that you’re killing yourselves?

Much too often, youth have the inability to look beyond tomorrow. Now
is the time to wake up, assess the consequences of your actions and make
some serious course corrections. Tomorrow could be better for it. In your
ranks could be more future Cains, Carsons and Guillorys. Be what God has
given you the ability to become. Change the world for good.