On his last full day of freedom, Rod Blagojevich will do what he loved doing while Illinois governor and as he unsuccessfully defended himself against corruption charges: He’ll step up to a microphone and talk.

Blagojevich – known for colorful speeches and a habit of quoting historical figures – is scheduled to deliver a last statement outside his Chicago home on Wednesday. The 55-year-old Democrat is due to report to a prison in Colorado on Thursday to begin serving a 14-year sentence, making him the second Illinois governor in a row to go to prison for corruption.

Blagojevich timed his departing statement to begin at precisely 5:02 p.m. so it could appear live on the evening news. His publicist even planned to give a two-minute warning via Twitter so newscasts could be ready.

Since his sentencing in December, the impeached governor hasn’t spoken in interviews or addressed the media corps following every step of his legal saga. His attorneys said he wanted to depart in a dignified way, without a media frenzy.

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