I love white meat, and if you love white meat, you’re most likely reacting to some inner anti-dark worldview, because, according to Ron Rosenbaum at Slate, “Dark meat represents slime and viscosity. Dark meat embodies all the menace of dissolution into the nothingness that is the slimy ground of being itself!” What he’s trying to say, if you like white (white meat and white bread), you’re not right. Rosenbaum’s high brow but sad piece is the end-point of how liberals think these days. They find a narrative that resonates with their constituency groups and blast its sound 24/7 from the highest media outposts. The sad thing is, it works.

When you can’t win an argument by challenging someone’s operating assumptions or marshalling of the facts, pull the ad hominem card. To argue ad hominem (“against the man”) means to attack the person making the argument instead of the argument itself. Ad hominem reasoning is an informal fallacy of irrelevance. A person making an argument can hold to horrible opinions and live a scandalously immoral life but still make a valid and sound case for or against a position. That is, he can like white meat and white bread and not be a racist.

Usually ad hominem arguments are arguments of last resort when logic and facts are not on the attacker’s side.

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