The following is a wonderful, thoughtful piece concerning those who would blame cops when tragedies happen. The article was brought to my attention by a good friend, Retired Chief Warrant Officer Of Marines and retired NYPD Sergeant Pat Rogers.

Pat has worked the mean streets in real time: his stamp of approval on this article gives it even more weight and credibility.

Race baiters serve to stir up bitterness and division, that which keeps the money in their coffers. They have no interest in truth and reconciliation. This article by McManus is truth. TJ

Eric Garner and Michael Brown had much in common.

Not the least of which was this: On the last day of their lives, they made bad decisions. Epically bad decisions.

Each broke the law — petty offenses, to be sure, but sufficient to attract the attention of the police.

And then — tragically, stupidly, fatally, inexplicably — each fought the law.

The law won, of course, as it almost always does.

This was underscored yet again Wednesday when a Staten Island grand jury chose not to indict any of the arresting officers in the death in police custody of Garner last July.

Just as a grand jury last week declined to indict the police officer who shot a violently resisting Michael Brown to death in Ferguson, Mo., in August.

Demagoguery rises to an art form in such cases — because, again, the police generally win. (Though not always, as a moment’s reflection before the Police Memorial in lower Manhattan will underscore.)

And because those who advocate for cop-fighters are so often such accomplished beguilers.

They cast these tragedies as, if not outright murder, then invincible evidence of an enduringly racist society…


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