“In the Clinton White House there was a guy named Craig Livingstone who amused himself reading aloud the confidential FBI files of prominent Republicans. The files—hundreds of them—were improperly secured and disseminated. Imagine Craig Livingstone at the National Security Agency. Imagine Lois Lerner.”
So wrote Peggy Noonan in her blog at the Wall Street Journal. I had been trying in vain to come up with Craig the Creep’s name, but all that came to me was another Craig the Creep, former congressman Larry Craig. The Clintonian Craig was a thuggish lout at the heart of a big scandal centering on the violation of civil rights by a small coterie of Democrat Party snoops and spies. Here is what the Free Press has to say about it:
“It was an amazing rise to power. A real slug of a human being, a former bar bouncer and dirty trickster named D. Craig Livingstone, made it to the head of White House Security. His appointment was so typical of how unimportant security was to the Clinton White House, both at the White House and in national security. Livingstone resigned in a scandal known as Filegate. He admitted to illegally reading raw FBI files of Republicans — a federal crime. People were starting to ask questions about who was responsible for hiring Craig Livingstone. The name Hillary Clinton was mentioned, however, the First Evil Lady of course denied any involvement. She wouldn’t do anything wrong, would she? In an attempt to distance herself from Livingstone, an FBI agent and fine American would have to be smeared. When the Clintons face turmoil, they lie and they smear. Their expertise at such an operation has become legendary.”
The files that the miscreants were reading had been requested from the FBI, supposedly for security purposes, by the Craigster (and his master Hillary no doubt) in order to vacuum up dirt on the opposition. And that was only one of a multiplicity of scandals under the Big Bad Bill. We Americans tend to be a forgiving bunch, and both Clintons have become popular now that they are no longer seen as the two greediest, most corrupt people in the country. But you can see what is coming if the prevaricating Mrs. Clinton becomes president. The fish rots from the head, and two stinkier fish heads you won’t find than Bill and Hill.
Abuse of power scandals in the USG always have one thing in common: they are made possible by otherwise innocent civil servants who would be shocked at what is going on, but don’t know and thus unwittingly collaborate; and by others who sorta know what’s going on and keep their mouths shut and their eyes on their government pensions; and by a smaller group, the ones who are fully in on the scam and overtly working as political operatives on behalf of the final, and even smaller group, the brains behind the crime, the top dogs.
Each of the tales of misdoings under Obama is riddled with indifferent bureaucrats with no compunction about wasting tax dollars and no interest in rocking the boat by blowing any whistles. There were also far worse characters, hyper-partisan operators and dirty tricksters masquerading as civil servants who knowingly served a private master and misused the awesome powers of the US Government to pervert a fundamental tenet of American politics – that everybody has the same playing field. In my view, they are unindicted felons who have committed crimes against Americans and America. They are people who have no visible functioning system of moral values, no sense of duty to the Constitution and a bent for corrupt practices. They should be prosecuted and hopefully imprisoned for a stretch. They deserve it.
The scandals engulfing Washington and the Democrats don’t involve only corrupt bureaucrats, of course. Behind the haze of lies emanating like a miasma from the White House and the Dems, there are very high ranking personae. These are Obama and the Chicago Gang, who found corruption in the USG and made it to multiply many times to their benefit. Like the Bolsheviks before them, they are engaged in a pioneering feat – creation of a new government apparatus, subservient to a political party that is also the State. It was shocking to learn in Congressional hearings how far the Chicago gangsters have gone in meeting their goals. The Official Left has suborned any number of federal departments and agencies, putting their machinery under the command and oversight of political cronies who police for ideological purity and who see their role as neutralizing political foes. Even now, with the cameras rolling and everybody watching, our left-wing Junta insists on pursuing politicization of the government. It was just announced that one of the president’s security advisors, Avril Haines, is going to become the new Deputy Director of the CIA. She has never worked at the CIA. I’m not sure what her professional qualifications were as a security expert before being anointed such by Obama. But here is what I read about her: she reportedly ran Erotica Nights at a bookstore, serving dinner and reading the racy lines for the titillation of her audience. No matter how ill-suited this woman is to hold either her newest or most recent posts, she is going to be the political guard keeping watch under the CIA Director. In the Soviet Union, by the way, the number two position in virtually every agency was a political commissar, there to ensure orthodoxy of political thought and to be the Communist Party’s eyes and ears. The top guy was always skills and substance—and the deputy was always an ideological policeman.
What a mess we Americas have made of things, and we all share in the blame. The Left, of course, because they have always been about undermining democracy in favor of a dictatorship of the Elite (them) and remaking society in their own image; and the right because too many of us sat at home in one election or another, unsatisfied or angry over the less-than-competent leaders of the Republican Party, ho-hum candidates, and the Party’s deafness to and contempt of the conservative base. And we ignored the startling changes in our schools, having other things to do than wage battle with the Board of Education. And we conceded the cultural field, too, allowing the sexualization of our children at ever younger ages, and the spread of left-wing propaganda, violence, and perversion through the various media outlets and Hollywood. At every step, really, we the majority center-right of this country could have forestalled what is happening now, which is nothing less than the perverting of America. But we are individualists, and it is hard to bring us all together on anything. Now we are pushing a huge boulder uphill. But we have to succeed.
We should stop being like those indifferent, timid bureaucrats. We should be paying close attention to our government at all levels and especially at the federal level. High crimes and misdemeanors abound. We should be prepared to push back any effort to silence Congressional investigations. And we should demand more serious action against those found guilty, whatever their position.