When one studies the history of the United States and especially its morally-justified wars like World War II, one can’t help notice that American blood was spilled in order to make a major change in what had either become the status quo or to defeat a tyrant or totalitarian regime. But that shedding of blood always meant freedom being gained for some group of people.

During the American Revolution blood was shed to gain the freedom of the American colonists from Great Britain. In the War of 1812, Americans again shed their blood to keep America free from British rule. In the American Civil War, the spilling of blood brought the emancipation of black slaves. In World War One Americans sacrificed their blood in order to liberate Europe from German domination. The shedding of blood by Americans in the Second World War contributed to freeing myriad people from many different countries from the evil grips of German, Italian, and Japanese expansionism. And although the American Civil Rights Movement was making headway in the 1960s under the leadership of Martin Luther King Jr. and others, King’s untimely death from a gunman solidified his message to the masses of racial freedom and equality for black Americans, especially those living in what were once slave states.

In every one of the above examples, freedom was attained by the shedding of blood – American blood. Christians also realize the significance of the shedding of blood when Jesus Christ willingly shed His on the cross of Calvary so that all of mankind can be free from the deadly affects of sin that ultimately leads to spiritual death and eternal separation from God.

In all the above cases, those who died risked or gave up everything: their homes, their finances, their loved ones, even their earthly lives for what they believed to be right and were willing to fight and die for.

As America plunges into an ever-deepening darkness of evil that has increased exponentially in the last several years under the corrupt Obama administration, I can’t help but wonder if American blood is going to have to be shed again in order to restore the freedoms we are quickly losing to this totalitarian regime that may not end after 2016.

With each passing day more evil is created or let into the country and more un-Constitutional mandates are signed into law by a lawless president with no substantive negative repercussions – ample proof that the political checks and balances that our forefathers put in place have essentially broken down.

Add to this the scant difference between the two political parties and a void of leaders of true vision and courage who have America’s people and its best interests at heart and it is no wonder that people of good will feel compelled to step in and do what is necessary to try and correct the problem.

The people of America and of the world are currently facing an unimaginably horrible future. Unless people of wisdom and “understanding” as the book of Daniel states, are again willing to sacrifice all, including their earthly lives, it is doubtful that we will be able to prevail against the Satanic forces that currently has the entire world including America within its evil grip.