What kind of a world have we evolved into where Evil is allowed widespread access to heinous crimes against children unrestrained? Boko Haram faction leader Abubakar Shekau’, only interest is to eliminate Christians and fight to enthrone a medieval Islamic caliphate in Northern Nigeria. Lately their attacks on churches, homes, businesses and kidnappings are happening more frequently.

Two female suicide bombers blew themselves up at a trade show and a petrol station in Kano only killing one other but injuring six. Using female suicide bombers in the city appears to be a new tactic of Boko Haram although they have been used on occasion for years in the Northeast.

There has been a series of female suicide bombings in the city of Kano this August and it was the fourth bombing carried out by a female in the past week. The latest came when a female suicide bomber blew herself up at a college in Kano, Nigeria, killing 6 people. According to reports the bomber was a female teenager.

Government spokesman Mike Omeria said, “Security forces arrested 3 Boko Haram suspects in Katsina state, two of them were female. One was a 10-year old girl who had an explosive belt strapped to her by the others.” The thing is at that age she was totally unaware of what they had put on her (a belt of explosives) or that they had been detonating these explosive belts by remote control after the girls were close enough to their target.

A military source has revealed to Daily Mail, that some of the explosives used recently on the female suicide bombers sent by Boko Haram have been traced back to a Chinese mining factory which was seized just weeks ago by the sect. Circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that none of the teenage girls were informed about the suicide mission. When girls were supposedly sent on errands the sect members stayed hidden but close enough to use remote controls to detonate the Improvised Explosive Devise (IED’s).

Military and security agency teams are on high alert due to a sudden exponential rise in suicide bombings across major parts of the North. None of these bombers used by Boko Haram were male and (all) were triggered by remote controls stated Daily Mail Nigeria.

Boko Haram is also reported to be in possession of a substantial quantity of lethal and explosive chemicals since it had successfully attacked and raided that Chinese mining factory back in May. The sect had launched a brutal attack on a quarry plant of a Chinese road construction firm in Northern Cameroon near Waza town a few kilometers from the Sambisa Forest.

Moreover, it appears the sect has discovered a new use for the kidnapped schoolgirls. Concerns that the 276 kidnapped schoolgirls from Chibok in April are unsuspectingly, involuntarily coerced into the suicide bombing belts.

The IED’s used were crude but powerful. Security agencies have been carefully combing through the fragments recovered from around the blasts sites. They are probing to understand how the insurgents came about the massive IED’s being deployed to attack various institutions and locations.

“Boko Haram is the immediate threat but security is equally concerned about the parent agencies that might be funding and supporting the barbaric sect that has committed violent crimes on helpless schoolgirls.” The agent continued saying, “The secondary leg of the ongoing probe borders on the need to find out whether or not the IED’s also came from the allies of the sect in other countries like the Taliban or al Qaeda in the Maghreb and others.” It is not only a local terrorist’s organization it has a ring of International’s connected to it.

On August 15 this year, Maiduguri, Nigeria according to Reuters, suspected Islamic Boko Haram fighters of abducting 97 boys and men in a raid on a remote fishing village in Northeast Nigeria. This time they left no men or boys in the place only young children, girls and women. This came on the heels of the abduction of the 276 schoolgirls from the village of Chibot who are still missing and suspected of being forced into the recent suicide bombings.

This attack was very similar to the April attack on the girls, loading them up onto trucks and driving off. A village eye witness who fled the scene after the violence started said, “The invaders had taunted the men hours before the attack for not being able to defend themselves. “Where is your pride? You used to be warriors, but you are just women, not as brave as we thought, they said.”

The kidnappers overpowered local vigilantes who had no military presence or support.

“Boko Haram tactics resemble Uganda Lord’s Resistance Army”, says UK reaction. Its tactics- kidnapping boys forcing them to fight and abducting girls as sex slaves is a chilling echo of Uganda rebel, Joseph Kony’s Resistance army which operated in South Sudan and central Africa for decades.”

“I am appalled to see reports of another large abduction by terrorists in Northeast, Nigeria,” said British Foreign and Commonwealth Minister for Africa, James Duddridge in an e-mail statement. The E-mail continued saying, “Officials are looking into the details. The UK stands firmly with Nigeria as it faces the scourge of Boko Haram.”

This statement, “Officials are looking into it” is getting old; remember back in April (hashtag # bring back our girls)? Boko Haram laughed on video at such a threat. Now they have taken the boys and they taunted them for being sissies because a hashtag request/threat doesn’t carry very much weight. It sounds like Obama’s latest statement, “We’re looking into how dangerous ISIS really is.” Sure, do that Mr. Obama, have your officials look into it and take your vacation time while Christians are being slaughtered, young girls used as suicide bombers are being splattered on the concreteand men and boys are being trained to massacre and behead their fellow men.

Islamic radicals have mutated down the food chain into the lowest form of grotesque cowardly pond scum and you are looking the other way. You have your eye on the wrong BALL. How much more shed blood do you need to see to make the decision to fight back against these dangerous Islamic terrorists groups who are a heinous proliferating Evil wanting to take over the earth?