There comes a time when even the master of the house must be
coerced into answering a knock on the door.  In the Biblical
account, it was a persistent widow who needed relief from
oppression.  In our case, it is the House of Representatives who
need to answer the call of the suffering populace who gain no
relief from the overbearing Commander in Chief.  It pains me to
ascribe such attribute to one who consistently shreds the rules
that have adequately balanced the power of the three branches of
our federal government for almost 240 years.  The House has the
power, no, the duty, to audit the expenditures of the federal
budget.  They are doing a lousy job.  It would be interesting to
know how many of our representatives, who spend our taxpayers’
money like a drunken gambler, have ever lived on a budget, or
even know how a budget is supposed to work.  With most of them in
the millionaire bracket, I guess it’s just for the poor suckers
who either have to live on what they bring home or join the 50+
million who live comfortably on that little plastic card they
receive that seems to have a direct connection to Fort Knox.

There is a word here that somehow needs explanation; because
there are too many of the 435 individuals who don’t seem to grasp
the significance of accountability.  They are elected to not only
represent the people, but also to be accountable to the same.  It
is, after all, the people’s money they are tinkering with.  When
ordinary folks write a check that gets into the wrong hands, they
have the option to stop payment on it.  The House has the similar
option to stop payment (refuse funding) of a bill that they
consider to be ill-advised, breaks the budget or is just beyond
the purview of government.  So far, there has been little
recognition of the necessity of this action in the House.  You
might say they are neglecting their constitutional obligation.
The next step in any legitimate organization would be mass
layoffs or outright termination of employment.  Of course, the
pressure would have to come from the taxpayers whose money is
being squandered, and not from the squanderees (Lucy’s) who
continually live off those who work, like leeches on a pike.

Unfortunately, our government is broken.  We have accepted a
would-be tyrant to rule over us who has developed into a real-
life tyrant, with the senate aiding and abetting his every
Marxist action to destroy us.  One of the first things a tyrant
must do is to either destroy the military or to completely
emasculate it.  Obama has effectively achieved that.  Another
move is to corrupt the judiciary so the common people have no
recourse to justice.  He is well along in that adventure.  And
then he must steal from those who have (redistribution) to buy
the poor so he has more with him than against him.  In the
Marxist view, you must break the government and enslave the
people: this is happening right before our eyes.  Will Congress
and an intelligent electorate act to “right the ship,” or will we
all perish together?