Oh my. Just in the last few days, our nation has suffered multiple bombings in Boston, a massive explosion in Texas, and Capitol Hill has been filtering through poisonous letters mailed to our president and Senators. I wish I could simply click my heels and make it all go away.

Americans are in a state of mourning and apprehension. Even those in the political realm have set aside differences and banded together in an effort to comfort victims and protect our people.

We may be a bag of differing opinions when it comes to the “issues,” but we all want to walk outside and take our kids to the park without looking over our shoulder for mysterious backpacks and smoke in the sky. We want to go to the movies for date night, without having our eyes fixated on the exit sign or trying to find the safest seat in the theater.

I keep looking up at the clouds, expecting a host of angels to come and Jesus to emerge on a white horse.

You’ll hear many speculating about whether or not this is an organized, sophisticated foreign terrorist attack or if its just some domestic sociopaths. It’s interesting that Boston ended up canceling the press conference set for yesterday. Hannity speculated that they must have some information that they don’t want to share over media outlets, tipping anyone off. I know that I’m not alone in wondering how on earth there is any way that these three tragedies are not related in some way.

Terrorists, of all forms, want to induce terror. They want us to hide in our houses and quit going to movies and malls. They want us to fear them. They want to be powerful. Terrorist organizations, like Al Qaida seek to destroy us. To them, we are the “infidel” and in order to serve their god “Allah,” they believe that they need to exterminate those who don’t worship “Allah.”  Very unsettling.

In West, Texas, between 5 and 15 people may be dead and over 170 hurt (numbers expected to change) due to an explosion at a fertilizer plant. The blast measured a 2.1 on the Richter scale and could be felt up to 50 miles away. A man in his home, interviewed on Fox News, was standing by his bed, and the explosion picked him up and threw him 15 feet. His roof caved in. His face is speckled with blood.  Reportedly, this started as a fire near the plant and it is not being called “terrorism” at this time.

One of our YoungPatriots.com columnists, Andrew Chavarrillla is a Texan pastor. He was at church last night and heard the explosion from his city, nearly 50 miles away from where the explosion occurred. He said it sounded like loud thunder. He wound up driving to West to see if he could help and minister to the people there, but he didn’t get to do much because there were so many people who stepped up to lend a hand. Andrew stuck around until midnight and is heading back this afternoon to see how he can help.

Here are some pictures he took on the scene last night.





Another columnist for Young Patriots, Sydney Alan, wrote this week about the bravery of the Americans in Boston who ran back to the explosions to help people rather than running away.  We’re witnessing this type of selfless bravery all over the country.  That’s the (dimly) silver lining.

Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world. Evil exists and I have faith that no law or person can bring true peace on earth except the God of this universe. Are there better and worse ways that the government can handle these situations? Of course. But, now isn’t the time to be having that conversation. Now isn’t the time to talk policy. It’s the time to comfort the afflicted and give of what you have to help those who need it. Like Andrew is doing, we need to reach out and help in any way we can.

Bruce Schneier says we, as Americans, need to refuse to be terrorized. Terrorists want us to be afraid. Schneier says that because terrorism is so graphic and huge, it freaks us out. But, the reality is that these events are rare, and being afraid to leave your house is irrational. He says that our trusting nature is what makes our country great. Marathons and schools and chemical plants “are not magically more dangerous now,” as he said on Fox News earlier. An exceptional tragedy does not make us less safe.

For those of us who set our sights above and live our lives with the belief and knowledge that we have the hope of an afterlife, we can rest knowing that no matter what happens, there is no man or event that can shake our faith and take away our hope.

“The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” Psalm 118:6