No wonder he’s so desperate to end the hearings…
Check it out:

You may recall an incident about a month ago, where House Oversight Committee chairman Representative Darrell Issa cut the power to ranking Democrat Elijah Cummings’ microphone. At the time, Cummings was about to launch into another of his patented “these proceedings are unconstitutional” rants, and Issa shut him down with extreme prejudice. Now, we may have a better understanding of just why Cummings is so set against getting to the bottom of the IRS scandal.

…It seems he may be directly involved in it.

From the Washington Examiner:

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa R-Calif., has accused the panel’s top Democrat of prompting the Internal Revenue Service in 2012 to target a conservative organization applying for non-profit status.

Issa said records obtained last week from the IRS show communications from the office of ranking member Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) about True the Vote, a Texas-based, non-profit conservative group that aims to prevent voter fraud.

The communications at one point involved Lois Lerner, the ex-IRS official whom Issa’s panel is poised to hold in contempt of Congress on Thursday for refusing to provide testimony about her involvement in targeting conservative groups.

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