Border Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County Arizona has a message for Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, who claims the U.S. – Mexico border is safer than ever – “that is an outright laugh!”

Last month, Janet Napolitano told an audience in El Paso, Texas that the security on the southern boarder “is better now than it ever has been” and that Mexican violence has not had a serious effect on neighboring towns.

“These are foreign-born criminals that are here in our country,” Babeu said, “That’s what we’re finding is going on here, and not only is it unacceptable, it has created a situation where now, there are as few as 75, as many as 100 lookout posts from drug cartels just for this one smuggling corner- drug cartels hold high positions on terrain features or mountains to provide safe passage for their drug cartels. That a cartel from Mexico can have this mature an organization in our country is outrageous.”

Cartels derive much of their power by violence and instilling fear into the law enforcement officials. Indeed, Babeu and his team of deputies have had numerous threats on their lives. Babeu says he never is unarmed.

“They kill police chiefs, they kill judges, they kill journalists, and mayors of small communities. That violence clearly is coming to America,” he said. “ We’ve had people that have been kidnapped, people that have been murdered, largely illegals. We’ve had, in Chandler, Arizona, a beheading that is now confirmed…. So the violence isn’t coming here, the violence is here. It’s not going to get better; it’s going to get worse until we secure this border..”

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