Over the past ten or so years there have been whisperings
of sleeper cells operating throughout the United States.
These groups had only one mission in mind: causing mayhem and
destruction. With the open border to the south, it is not
surprising that these cells could exist…and multiply
rapidly. The question is not “how could this be possible?”
but “why not shut down the illegal ‘invitation’ to those who
would want to harm this country. I’m not suggesting that this
is the only avenue available for anyone who means harm. There
are always kooks in our midst but, for the most part, they are
usually known or suspected by their neighbors, friends or
acquaintances and are more apt to remain docile, or, at least,

What has happened in Boston can erupt anywhere where
there are kooks or terrorists. And there are people who like
to “invent” new things that go BOOM just for the fun of it:
rocket societies, for example. Fourth of July explosives.
These are more public and acceptable activities and, for the
most part, relatively safe and not planned for destruction.

We can’t close our eyes to the evil that has shaken the
world in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bali,
etc., over the past many years, and believe it can only happen
there. For some reason, it seems to give great satisfaction
to twisted minds to see limbs blown off innocent bystanders.
To see crowds of people being slaughtered. I guess one must
be of the same warped ego to understand this. Authorities
will have to try to step into those shoes long enough to
outguess the next atrocities. Russians have experienced these
activities over their relationship with their southern
enclave, Chechnya. Freedom fighters “terrorists, by most
accounts” who detest Russian authority in their area have been
a thorn in the Kremlin’s side for many years and have used the
same means of retaliation. Their’s, perhaps, was more
understood than why anyone would want to destroy America. We
are looked at as a peaceful people; people of every
nationality, religion, color and foot size. A people who rush
to help at any and every area of the world that undergoes
floods, hurricanes, tsunamis and diseases. The budgets of
NGO’s (non-government-organizations) are bulging with
$billions that are destined to help improve the lives of
people all over the world with food, medical care, wells for
clean water, hospitals, agricultural products and expertise,
and the list goes on endlessly. There is not a more caring
country in the world than the USA!

It is the same perplexing problem: something good is seen
in the eyes of evil minds as something to destroy. In that
context, we must be alert to the possibilities that are alien
to our everyday thoughts. Evil does exist. And there are
those who actually hate the USA. That’s difficult for us to
wrap our minds around, but it’s true. How can we prevent
this? In the Bible: Matthew 10:16, Jesus told His disciples:
“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; be
ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” (KJV)
In other words, keep your eyes open and your thoughts pure.