Of all the administrations in my life time, I have never witnessed a president who can make a huge mess, blame someone else and, with the help of the media, like the man trying to fix the problem.  All the while he created the problem he claims to be fixing.   Once again we see the president looking in from the outside ready to solve his latest crisis.  He even stated that “there is no one madder than me over this rollout.” He promised, once again, that it doesn’t matter how we got here but he is going to get to the bottom of the situation and solve the problem.   All as if he was saying who was the idiot that came up with the problem-ridden Obamacare website, or Obamacare?  Could it be the same guy that came up with sequestration?  Then to give anyone who really wanted to sign up a quick fix, he gave everyone a phone number to call if they could not register online.  One little problem, the phone number he gave to everyone was a new take on the old joke of how do you keep an idiot in suspense.   The old joke goes like this; hand someone a card that says –To know how to keep an idiot in suspense turn card over.  The same message is written on both sides of the card. Then you watch and see how many times the person turns it over and over. Like the card if you could not register online and called the phone number the president gave out, the operator told you to go to the website to register online.  More proof that Obama really thinks we are just idiots to keep in suspense.  After all he keeps telling us the same thing with every Obama administration failure and expects us to keep believing him as we turn the card over and over.

This was just the latest problem he promised to get to the bottom of.  Look at some of the other things we have been told he will get to the bottom of during this administration.  From the New Black Panther voter intimidation that was never prosecuted, the leaks about Seal Team Six and the Osama Bin Laden Raid, the Fast and Furious scandal, the Syrian and Libyan gun running, the attack on the consulate in Benghazi that cost four American lives, the IRS scandal, the NSA spying, bugging reporters, sequestration, and now the Obamacare website roll out to name just a few.  Time and time again he has promised to get to the bottom of various problems but all we have seen is a lot of bottom time.  He has yet to deliver.

Getting to the bottom might be easier to accomplish if the president would actually spend some time doing his job instead of taking multiple vacations, hosting parties and playing golf.  This president makes Eisenhower look like a duffer. Maybe that is why he is never aware of what is happening until after the news reports it.  But being as he was so quick to comment on the professor in Boston, Treyvon Martin, and the Redskins, as well as any other item that can be turned into a racial tension event, I think he knows more than he is letting on.  One thing is clear, this administration is not about telling us the truth but rather it is about delaying the truth by using what I call the “12 D’s of the progressive strategy.  1. DENY – the facts or the truth, 2. DEFY  your accusers and display artificial indignation while claiming to be a victim. 3.  DISTORT-Cloud the facts, bend the truth, 4.  DECEIVE- When necessary, blatantly lie. 5. DISCREDIT- Create doubt about the opposition’s integrity, honor, character, proof, witnesses, 6.  DEMONIZE-Accuse and Label the opposition as bad people, 7.  DISTRACT-Create another crisis or story, 8.  DISCOURAGE- Threaten the opposition with dire consequences, 9. DESTROY- Engage in character assassination against the opposition, 10. DO – what you want while the opposition is distracted by your tactics, 11. DISAGREE- Continue to disagree about the facts of the issue no matter what happens, 12. DISCLOSE- Acknowledge the facts of the case but only when the trail is over, the election is won, statute of limitations has passed,  you don’t think it will matter anymore or the book deal payoff is big enough.

As the president continues to delay the truth getting out we learn that the many crises he has created must be bottomless since it does not look like he will get to the bottom of anything anytime soon.