A wise person chooses the right road; a fool takes the wrong one. Ecclesiastes 10:2

Let me just get straight to the point of this article which is most accurately expressed by C.S. Lewis-author of the excellent children’s series The Chronicles of Narnia-when he said, “If you are on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road.” Said another way, the wrong road never magically turns into the right road; you have to turn around.

And this advice is most helpful when choices about which direction to take are made based on misinformation or perhaps even out right falsehoods. For example, adventurers who fail to discover they have mistakenly made or taken a trail which leads to a box-canyon will not find that the canyon magically becomes an open valley, no matter how much they study the map or no matter how much they insist they are not lost. Box-canyons are useful in that they help us to deduce another path to our intended destination will need to be found.

Obviously there is no such thing as box-canyon syndrome, I only devised that term to highlight the folly of our erroneous Western mind set in which we refuse to acknowledge a “problem” exists unless it has been diagnosed as a disorder; real or imagined.

Moreover, there is something amiss with a person who insists that everything is fine and he is not lost, even when he finds himself surrounded by sheer rock faces on three sides.

This is where I include a clever segue about how C.S. Lewis’ assertion regarding progress is as true for national governance as it is for adventurers. I could further emphasize my point by simply stating that the analogy applies to our current national “disorder”.

Progress is after all the Holy Grail of the self-declared enlightened academic and within the current assemblies of governmental leadership. However, what I propose to be the ultimate objective in the rush to reach the prophesied Utopia (which “progress” promises to lead us to) among international progressive unions is actually setting the stage for a much larger conflict with far-reaching implications between the forces which are contending for the soul of our nation.

One might accurately say that, historic debt with a suffocating economy, the threat of enemies both foreign and domestic, and delusional leaders in government and the judiciary are the figurative box-canyon we find ourselves in today (of course the case for a different set of dilemmas can be made).

This could be considered the ultimate box-canyon because there is no further advancement to be made toward the coveted shared prosperity and equitable society until the obvious is stated; we have taken the wrong path! For we are surely hemmed in on all sides and have been led here by those who should know better, yet sadly, the masses seem content to play “follow the leader”.

Not surprisingly, those who hold to the progressive view point of governance do not see themselves as subject to the same plights as those for whom they desire to create the idealistic society. Consequently, words such as naïve and oblivious tend to be used to describe those who subscribe to a progressive view point because even the briefest of examinations of human history should “enlighten” the most ardent student of modernism to the follies which previous generations of “the elect” have fallen.

But no, instead each successive generation of progressives fancies themselves to be more enlightened than the previous and the prevailing wisdom among them reasons that pursuing the same collectivist policies generation after generation will eventually produce the anticipated outcomes. Nevertheless, when it comes to forty foot walls of rock, using ones head to blaze a new trail can be a painful undertaking.

To illustrate this, picture the representatives of progressivism in each generation handing off their map to the perfect society to the next devotee while still in the box-canyon.

Analogy aside, progressivism is a dead end because it leads to a situation where reaching the finish line of the perfect society is left up to the next disciple. In the meantime the populace is left to grapple with the mess “fundamental change” brings; protracted unemployment, immorally high federal deficits are chief among them.

Progressivism and the collectivist mind set promote a “one size fits all” answer to the ills of society namely; themselves. Increasing elucidation is a farce of the worse kind as it relates to the governing of peoples, why do you think some have sought to rule by force, it’s just easier. The recent history of man-kind proves that the more advanced we become the more self-centered, hateful and barbaric we become.

Not one of our current national leaders who hold to the delusion of progressivism has exhibited even the slightest ounce of enlightenment.

What hope have we? We the people can say to those who refuse to return to the right road, “stop hitting that rock with your head”; there is an easier way, and here is something for your headache. You’re welcome.