First some background. Bradlee Dean is a Christian minister who specializes in taking the message of the Gospel to young people. This can occasionally be problematic since one of the best places to find young people is in public schools. No shrinking violet, Bradlee goes boldly where many Christians fear to tread: into the lion’s den that our public schools have become for Christians. He puts a lot of time and energy into teaching public school students about the Biblical concepts of ethics, morality, and responsibility. As you might imagine, Bradlee meets his share of opposition. So did Christ.

I wrote in an earlier column at this site about an encounter with a Constitutionally-challenged public school principal in Florida who denied Bradlee access to the school’s campus because his message was Christian in nature. The principal took this illegal step in spite of the fact that Bradlee had been invited to speak by an official student group. Accustomed to this type of thing, Bradlee simply asked Liberty Council—the Christian’s answer to the ACLU—to drop the principal a brief line or two explaining the First Amendment and what is meant by “freedom of speech.” Once he was properly educated, the principal relented and granted Bradlee access.

One cannot blame the principal for his ignorance. He probably attended public school himself where anything that does not comport with liberal orthodoxy is simply not taught; things like the Constitution, First Amendment, and freedom of speech. So, not only did Bradlee present a rock-solid Christian message to an enthusiastic group of high school students, he gave a school principal an invaluable lesson in public policy, and at no charge.

Now comes the bizarre incident of the crazed Constitutional teacher. Bradlee’s ministry, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, had a table set up at a gas station in Florida. Two ministry workers sitting behind the table were distributing Christian literature. The sign on their table read: “Support Christianity in Public Schools, The Constitution, and Honoring Soldiers.” For once the issue that arose was not the ministry’s right to be present. That part of the situation had already been worked out.
A customer at the gas station—a woman who described herself as a teacher of the Constitution—became offended when she read the sign and saw the literature on Bradlee’s table. In one of those Jekyll-and-Hyde moments this self-proclaimed teacher transformed herself from a normal gas station customer into an angry, abusive, vicious attacker. She screamed at the two women manning the both, hurled epithets, and threatened to call the police and claim the two ministry workers assaulted her. Typical leftwing tactic—Saul Alinsky would have been proud of her. But she had overlooked one small problem: the entire incident was being filmed. Recognizing this inconvenient flaw in her strategy, the irate “Constitutional teacher” turned on the cameraman, swatting him with her bag. This too was caught on tape. Note to liberals: It is never a good idea to attack someone who is pointing a rolling video camera at you.

Calls were made and the police arrived, but the crazed “Constitutional teacher” had already sped away. However, being a liberal she did what liberals tend to do: the most illogical thing possible—she returned to the scene of the crime. The police, now fully informed, were prepared to detain the abusive teacher, provided the ministry workers wanted to press charges. That decision is still up in the air. Consequently, for the time being, the self-professed Constitutional teacher—a claim that has not been verified—is free to roam the streets venting her spleen at Christians.

I have long wondered what it is about Christianity—a religion based on love and sacrifice for others—that so offends certain people that they go into fits of anger at the very sight of Christians. At long last I think the answer has come to me. Secular humanists and atheists react violently to Christianity for two reasons. The first reason can be summed up in these few words from Holy Scripture: “I am the Lord your God…” Atheists and secular humanists have convinced themselves that they are god. You will have to admit, this is a convenient if somewhat self-serving worldview. If they are god, they can make the rules and they can decide what is right and wrong, which is precisely why they like to think of themselves as god.
The second reason is akin to the first and can be summed up in these words from Holy Scripture: “Thou shalt not…” The Bible has a lot to say about how we should live our lives, what is right, and what is wrong. Secular humanists and atheists are not fond of being told how they should live their lives or what is right and wrong. In fact, atheists and secular humanists profess to believe in moral relativism—the philosophical foundation of such idiotic believes as there are no absolute rights and wrongs—what is right for me may not be right for you, etc. Ironically but predictably, atheists and secular humanists have no aversion to telling others what is right or wrong and how to live their lives. In fact, one of the reasons they like to see themselves as god is so they can do just that: tell everyone else how to live their lives and coerce them into complying. Bradlee Dean spends his every waking moment fighting the good fight against the twisted logic and absurd principles of secular humanism and atheism. I for one applaud him and thank God—the real God—for his determination, dedication, and perseverance in the faith. Good job Bradlee!