A week removed from the election of Donald J. Trump, wild stories about that fateful night are just now beginning to surface.

One of the wilder stories comes from radio host Todd Kincannon, whose sources inside the Washington political elite have relayed to him an insane new story from inside Hillary Clinton’s campaign bunker.  According to Kincannon, Hillary was not only inebriated on election night, but physically violent toward several members of her staff.




With Hillary’s doctors playing a massive role in the demeanor of the candidate, due to her numerous and serious health concerns, the mixture of alcohol and sedatives could have severely altered the mood of the democratic nominee.  When you add in the stress of her “inevitable” win slipping away into oblivion, you have a toxic combination of anger, drugs, alcohol, and stress that certainly could have led to violence on the behalf of Clinton.

This also help to explain Hillary’s refusal to deliver a concession speech on Tuesday night, bucking decades of tradition in presidential election.  While the liberal media originally reported that development as merely a “it’s late, let’s keep counting in the morning” scenario, the new, true media on the right understood right away that something more was at play.  The consensus on Tuesday night was that Hillary had become far too upset to speak, but now we realize the true nature of the incident.


Hillary Clinton was drunk and violent on election night, accosting several members of her staff before being escorted back to her hotel.

Now we must admit to ourselves just how great a bullet we have dodged.  If Hillary Clinton couldn’t handle her electoral loss with any shred of dignity or grace, resorting to drunken, abusive violence, how could we possibly expect her to handle the stress of the office of the President?  Mind you, Kincannon’s sources place this incident somewhere around midnight; three or more hours before the election was actually called in Trump’s favor.

When you combine this incident with reports of similar violent outbursts in Hillary’s past, we can piece together a pattern of violence and rage that is entirely unbecoming of an elected official in America.

Not to mention that attempting to play the woman card while being an abusive drunk is an embarrassing and futile endeavor.