We are the young truth seekers – the readers – the detectives – the listeners – the educated millennials. But, we’ve got a problem. Our friends are the reality show junkies – the Angry Birds addicts – the clubbers – a group so dependent on technology and instant gratification, that they will only pay attention to articles that start with hombre hair tips and end with pictures of boat shoes. My friend, and one of our brilliant (and young) editors, Claire Montgomery, described this apathetic majority of our generation as a bunch of airheads running around and whining, “Agh my yoga pants got dirty when I broke my nails watching the Kardashians! Eeeeh!”

Isn’t she right? We’ve got a bunch of airheads for friends. But, we’ve got to cut them some slack. I told Claire that I have a lot of compassion for girls with dirty yoga pants and broken nails because not too long ago, I was one of them. And, it wasn’t because I was making a conscious effort to care more about Crackle nail polish colors than oh, ya know, that little thing called freedom. It wasn’t apathy, for me. It was ignorance.

You really can’t blame the ignorant. They don’t know any better and there haven’t been many significant attempts, by conservatives, to reach out to this generation – to talk to us on our level. Think about…Fox News…newspapers…magazines…news sites. They’re all targeted at people who are already “in the know.” By not catering to a younger and less informed generation, we’re enabling airheads to keep being airheads!

It’s like sending a 1st grader to a college Chemistry class and then being disappointed in her for flunking the midterm exam. We need conservatives that we can look up to, who speak our language.

Claire said, “What bothers me is the attitude most older ‘Republicans’ tend to have towards young people.”

I was just on Sons of Liberty Radio with Bradlee Dean and Jake McMillian, and they described being at the RNC (Republican National Convention) this past year and seeing everyone with their “blue hairspray, lookin’ for Elvis.” Jake said that he can only think of five Republicans (who are on a platform) under the age of 30. That’s not how it should be, folks.

Republicans don’t need to change their values as some, socially liberal, suggest. They need to change their target audience. They’ve been talking down to us for too long, which makes our age group more attracted to the liberals – who promise us things that we care about – free phones, free college, free food, free stuff. Socialism sounds great to the poor and uninformed.

Claire told me, “When we were at the district convention, I seriously feared for my life -and I wasn’t even talking out like some of the (other) young people! There were literally people over age 60 who yelled at people who were under 30 to shut up and sit down, only because they were trying to speak up like the older people had had a chance to do. The younger people were speaking up at the end, when all the older people had had a chance. And instead of being like ‘Wow! Cool! Young people care about stuff,’ It was more like, ‘Shut up. We’re hungry.’ It’s no wonder we either go cynical or liberal!”

It’s time for older conservatives to take us under their wing – to explain what is happening – to be patient with our lack of knowledge – to let us speak our minds – and to show us a little respect. There’s nothing more discouraging than being patronized. We may be young, and we may not have 40 years of extra knowledge and life experience floating around in our minds, but we’re the future. We’re voting. We’ve got a say. So, older folks need to cut us some slack.

What do we younger folks need to do? We need to be patient with the old veterans, too. Louis CK described his then 3-year-old daughter arrogantly telling him that she was eating “pig neutons.” That’s what we sound like to old conservatives – like arrogant little know-it-alls. So, we need to be informed and we need to speak our minds humbly.

There’s nothing wrong with a good yoga pant or a riveting Kardashian episode, but there are bigger fish to fry. We’re losing our rights and we’ve got to pay attention and speak up before its too late.

Tell your yoga-pant-wearing friends about youngpatriots.com – a hub for young conservatives who want to be informed and get involved in the culture war.