So, not only should you NOT count on the cops to save you as I previously examined HERE, but more and more it is looking like you should NOT count on the justice system to keep us safe once the cops have done their jobs. Lately, not only is the justice system failing us all, but it is almost as if they can be counted on to actually endanger us.

Hypothetically speaking of course: In October of 2012, a man who was out of prison on parole is caught red handed committing an armed robbery. Multiple witnesses identify him as the perpetrator. The law enforcement helicopter overhead watches him leave the business and maintains contact with him until he is apprehended. As a convicted felon, mere possession of a firearm is illegal, let alone committing armed robberies with it. This is all hypothetically occurring in in California by the way, with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

This man is hypothetically arrested and taken to jail to await trial for his latest group of dangerous felonies. In addition to the robbery he was caught leaving, hypothetically of course, there was evidence to tie him to a series of similar robberies. Since this man was on parole, in addition to all of his fresh charges, he had a parole hold placed on him for violating the terms of his parole (you know, the part that says he must obey all laws).

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