Ah, the Left.

They want us to believe that when it comes to celebrating Bruce Jenner’s tragic descent into the mouth of madness, gender is a no-longer-needed societal construct. That is, of course, right before they tell us to vote Hillary for president just because she’s a woman.

I’ll take “blatant contradictions we choose to willfully ignore” for $800, Alex.

Let’s face it, intellectual honesty isn’t the Left’s friend. But who needs integrity when your entire belief system is a tantrum based on nothing other than “because I want to?” Theirs is a worldview that is little more than childlike fantasy when you boil it all down. Come up against some sort of moral absolute or authority figure that won’t give you what you want (probably because it’s destructive and/or dangerous)? Pay it no mind. Simply emote vehemently until those calling the shots give in to make you stop.

And should the adults still try to maintain order in the face of such acting out, there’s always the “children of the corn” option. Translation: You will be made to care.

It sure is a convenient way to live, and I can see why so many people fall prey to it. The idea of believing you’re ultimately accountable to nothing except your own urges, while also being rewarded for partnering with others in similar bondage, feeds the unhealthy egos we’re all born with. Sure, some of these people may have impressive resumes and bios, but they’re really just practicing the intellectual equivalent of eating ice cream for every meal.

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