I have a question that is burning a hole in my mind, but it did not start out that way. Ever since President Obama, or whoever he really is, has been in office, there has been a question starting to form in my thoughts. As time goes along and I see what Obama is doing while in office, this question has been becoming more focused and clearer each day. Before I ask the burning question, I want to first explain a few things so the question comes out correctly. At the very beginning of Obama’s presidency, there was a small bit of optimism, even though I did not vote for him. The rationale I had at the time was maybe he could pull Americans together to accomplish something wonderful. I realize now this was very naive of me; because of Obama’s actions, I have come to realize there is one question which is now plaguing me. No longer can I just sit back and wait to see what happens to America because the destruction of our Nation has begun under the leadership of President Obama.

The question in my mind is based upon people who are trying to achieve power; that is to say, they are seeking to obtain power-filled positions so they can either get money, gain control over others or both. Everyone wants to control their own destiny in life, but people who are power-crazy, not only want to control their own life, they want to control everyone else’s life as well. They want us to embrace homosexual rituals in public and are forcing public schools to teach their immoral acts which is against God and Natural Law. I say if we all lived our life as gay people, there would not be any human life around because no one would have any children. So here we have this minority group who wants to gain power over our lives. The way they are getting power is to force public educational systems to embrace and promote their immoral ineptitude by teaching our young children that this behavior is OK and acceptable. Who are they to teach my children immoral behaviors?

There are those who just do not believe in the existence of any type of higher intelligence, such as God, because in their mind, no one is smarter than ‘they’ are and if they cannot see God, then God does not exist. Our planet has been around about 3.5 billion years and most of that time, life was hanging on by only small degrees. In comparison, our universe is about 14 billion years old. This is a huge amount of time where it is easy to imagine entire civilizations have come and gone; I wonder more and more how long America will last? Life is really prevalent here on our planet and if we look deeply we see life all over. If we could see far enough out, we would probably see life elsewhere as well. To say all things in the universe have only occurred by happenstance seems really, really lucky. We know that as we experience life for ourselves that luck does not play out very well; how lucky are we really? We are not very lucky because President Obama is destroying our Nation; oh, what luck our generation is having! Just outside of our human intellect, just at the edge of our perception, there is a superior existence which we can label as God. It just does not seem logical that complex life which has occurred in this universe did so without intervention from God. Just because some people cannot believe God exists, does not mean it is not true. So why should a minority of Nay-Sayers be able to dictate to the majority that we cannot openly embrace and pursue our love, respect and loyalty to our God? Just because they do not believe, why do we have to be taken all the way down to their pathetic level? In public schools, teachers are mandated to teach children about homosexual activities, but these same teachers cannot where a cross or crucifix around their neck, much less talk about God; unless they are Muslim.

What really has gotten me thinking is how there are power-crazed people who live their life in the USA but actively embrace the teachings of radicals and anarchists. These power-crazed people were born into a governmental system that allowed them the opportunity to live life and experience it as free people, but they now actively “sell” anarchy to others. Anarchy is something they never lived but they want others to embrace it. How do they know anarchy is better than freedom? They are only trying to gain power and they use anarchy as the mechanism to create power for their self interests. Their fictional anarchy is only to make people mad at something so they can become their leader of these mad people, thus giving them the power they are seeking. Once a person gets mad, they get a feeling of empowerment and being mad is the oldest trick Satan has because it gets people to do irrational actions; thus when a person is acting mad, Satan is actually in control. There is a fundamental problem with being mad because it cannot be maintained all the time without a constant irritant and stimulus. Eventually, a person will cool off without this constant stimulus and common sense will return.  Anarchists have to keep things stirred up and will keep the fire lit over and over again. They have to keep the level of anger high so they can stay in power. Just know whatever it is that anarchists are selling does not have to be true, it just has to make people mad.

By now you are probably asking what question is burning a hole in my mind. The reason I mentioned these three types of scenarios is because they have one thing in common. Can you guess what they have in common? Let me say all of these are supported and embraced by the Democratic Party. In fact, there is a lot more the Democratic Party embraces but now is not the time to explain all of them in detail. What is important to know for this article is the people within the Democratic Party have aligned themselves, or have allowed their party to become a political party who stands against everything we have established as “American.” Many years ago the Democratic Party was a ‘Party of honor’ which had as their agenda ‘compassion for helping those who cannot help themselves.’ What the Democratic Party has become today is altogether far different from what they use to be. Today, they are all about changing the United States into a Socialistic Islamic Nation.

What is burning a hole in my mind is this: “How can Democratic Politicians and people who support the Democratic Party, those who embrace their own freedom, live their life as free citizens in the US and whose children and grandchildren will inherit what they leave behind, how can they be selling-out our Nation?” Yes, I mean the Democratic Party is selling us out to radicals, Muslims, homosexuals and anti-religious groups who want to destroy and take America down! I find it very troubling there are actually “Americans” who are trying to destroy our own country from within. How can someone who loves the freedom they have, be voting into law a socialistic healthcare program that gives the Federal Government control of their healthcare and where this same government infringes upon everyone’s freedom and life? How can these people who say they ‘love America’ be stomping upon our Constitutional underpinnings knowing their own blood will be living a life worse off than they ever had to live? How can these Democratic Party idiots succumb to all the minorities in such a fashion where it leads to a massive national debt, maintain poor job growth and takes away our freedom? How can these people, who are supposed to be protecting us, be selling-out America?

Most of them crave power over others and they believe they do not have to comply with these crazy laws they are passing. Then there are other people who hold something over their heads to get them to vote the way they want them to vote. In short, some politicians are told what to do, if they do not comply, something they did will be broadcasted and would cause them harm. In fact, some of the ruthless power-hungry politicians actually setup others for corruption so they can get dirty laundry on them. That way, they have power over them and this will cause them to support laws that are against our foundation as a Nation. People who desire power over others will do any and all they can to get power and there is no logic behind what they will and will not do in order to achieve this goal. This is why newly elected officials to Washington DC will eventually start voting for crazy laws because somewhere, sometime, they have done something wrong, that if exposed, would cause them harm or embarrassment. These things are setup and done on a regular basis by those with lots of money and uber-power. They will find people who will manipulate others to do their bidding. There is a saying “There is no honor amongst thieves.” Washington DC is not corrupt; it is the people who are power hungry that are corrupt. They are the ones who are evil and are leading our Nation into turmoil and ruin.

Since we have a non-American as President, it has become very clear that the Nation which we were born into, the Country we grew up in and the Land we cherish in our hearts will not be what we pass down to our children. It will be far, far different than anything we can imagine. Because of democratic compassion, the Democratic Party has succumbed to those who do not hold the same standards and values as the majority of Americans hold. These corrupt politicians will do any and everything they can to stay in power and this means they will lie, cheat and steal votes during an election. The will do anything they can to take power if it is not given to them. Power is what they are after and the more power they get, the more power they want to have. They will try to get so much power, that it will set our US Constitution and Bill of Rights on fire! They have no concern for our Laws unless it is for their enemies to follow. For them, they are exempt from following their putrid laws and so they are immune. They will cause people to get mad and will make them focus that anger in ways to benefit their own power crazed desire. Their power is insatiable and they really do not care one iota for those whom they hurt. All they want is to get their way and if they do not, they are the loudest of the loud at screaming foul!

So what can we do? If we sit back and act scared to do anything, then we will lose more than our Nation. Right now I can just hear my brother-in-law saying “It is not that bad.” This is because he does not have the time nor does he have the desire to gain the knowledge he needs to make an informed decision. I wonder how he will feel in the future if Obama is re-elected and we lose the American Dollar as the Worlds Money Standard. How will he feel if we get Obamacare forced down our throats and when he is nearing the age of 80 and they tell him “Sorry, you are just too old for us to do anything for you… we are pulling the plug because you cost too much.” I wonder if he would be able to put two and two together and say, well, I should have voted for someone who did not sell-out America.

I am afraid there are very many people in America today just like my bother-in-law who will probably not be able to associate the damage that will happen to America if Obama is re-elected into office another four years!