A considerable amount has been written about Obama’s controversial appointees, to the federal bench and to key cabinet seats. Most of the scrutiny has settled on the Obama administration’s deficiency in vetting each candidate by their qualifications, however, that is not really the main the issue.

On the contrary, the administration did scrutinize meticulously and they selected each person specifically. When a regime repeatedly nominates radical-left characters, it’s not a vetting mistake – it’s a deliberate pattern.

Case in point is Matthew S. Butler former CEO of the notorious, Soros-funded, online news outlet Media Matters for America – an organization well known for their shallow, one-sided faux journalism – and a recent nominee to the Election Assistance Commission. The EAC is a supposed to be a bipartisan federal commission, started in 2004, to help address election management problems such as those so infamously displayed in Florida during the 2000 election cycle. The office generates standards for voting machines, performs national research surveys, and perhaps most important, maintains the federal voter registration form.

For years, Mr. Butler led Media Matters in their unyielding mission to ruin the pro-liberty crusade through its dispersion of fabricated statistics about conservative associations and businesses.

According to his self-posted online résumé, Mr. Butler has never held a job in election administration – or even public service for that matter. Butler did work in the John Kerry and Christopher Dodd presidential campaigns, however, where voting regulations or the administration of constituent registration and elections are concerned, his involvement is sorely deficient.

He has been a leader and organizer of the progressive movement and the fabricator-in-chief of Media Matters when it was a casual media manipulation annex of the White House and the Justice Department.

For example, as reported by Matthew Boyle in 2012 – an investigative reporter – the administration was working with Media Matters “in an attempt to quell news stories about scandals plaguing [Eric] Holder and America’s top law enforcement agency,” involving Media Matters “to attack reporters” at Townhall, Breitbart, The Daily Caller, Fox News, and National Review.

So, true to form, this is exactly the right man according to the President to be “nominated” for a seat on the EAC – the least qualified – just like Mr. Obama.

Following the Presidents logic behind his appointees, we should have the nation’s most wanted criminal as head of the D.O.J., the world’s most notorious terrorist heading the FBI, and the nation’s least learned professor heading the Dept. of Ed (hypothetically speaking), but in reality it’s worse.

Just how does one even begin to understand how the President would place people into positions that seem like placing the proverbial fox in the chicken coop? Perhaps the appointment of a man to the position of Treasury Secretary, a man who owed back taxes, should have been a red flag.

The partisan scheming resulting in Mr. Butler’s nomination is a clear one. Progressive lobby groups are losing fight after fight as electorates across the nation. And Conservatives continue to stand up for their rights. But to stop the bleeding, Progressives need a superlative scalawag who is contented to engage in disparaging lobbying. Progressives have found their bloke in Matthew “Benghazi was a Hoax” Butler.

Beware, Matthew Butler is but one nominee and an example of what is soon to follow if the president gets his way. Next year will certainly bring with it more and more barefaced ploys by Washington insiders to manipulate election processes before the crucial 2016 elections.

Obama’s appointees only confirm his fixation with delusions of grandeur. His appointees grew up in the 60’s and cheered on the Vietnamese Communists (under the guise of peace), while American’s were massacred in the forests of Vietnam. They hate America and are enemies of our American heritage, and especially of our Constitution.

On March 23, 2011 The Washington Post published an article by Mr. Butler entitled Media Matters CEO Discusses Training Program to Combat Fox News, the introductory paragraph reads, “Media Matters CEO and President Matt Butler answered your questions about the organization’s program that trains progressive leaders to be talking heads in an effort to combat Fox News.”

We can be sure Mr. Butler has no intention of providing impartial guidance to election administrators on what methods they could use to enhance the voter registration and the election process or to supervise the examination and accreditation of accurate voting equipment.

The President is once again reaffirming his goal to fundamentally change America.

And he is making it look like the Butler did it.