Some good news to report from XIV (14th) Amendment Foundation.
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Some good news to report from XIV (14th) Amendment Foundation. The far-left majority in the California State Senate was forced to back down and withdraw a bill that would have restored race and gender preferences. Tens of thousands of petitioners made their voices heard on behalf of Proposition 209, which a sizable majority of voters passed back in 1996. California’s state constitution now bans preferential policies and it will remain the law of the land. Here is the XIV Foundation reported these new developments:

On Monday, California Assembly Speaker John Pérez announced that he would withdraw from consideration a proposed measure to overturn the state’s ban on race and gender preferences in education. Just two months ago, this bill (titled SCA-5) passed out of the Senate with a supermajority; now it is dead in the water. Jennifer Gratz, CEO of the XIV Foundation, attributed this dramatic turnaround to a wave of grassroots opposition.

“In just a month’s time, private citizens mobilized tens of thousands to sign petitions, write educational materials, send letters, make calls, hold rallies, and host town hall events – all because they were passionate about the right of every person to be treated equally when applying for education.”

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