It looks like California is once again leading the nation in the destruction of the United States Constitution.

Alex Jones’ InfoWars and several other conservative websites are reporting that with a “minor” rule change, the state has greatly expanded its list of “armed prohibited persons” — people who for some reason no longer have their Second Amendment rights, according to the state.

Like all such tyrannical power plays, this one sounded reasonable at the time. It was advertised as only affecting those who had felony records, mental health problems and domestic restraining orders that make allowing them to have guns unwise.

Since then, the state has pumped an additional $24 million into the program, and the list has quickly expanded to include people who are delinquent in paying taxes, who owe toll duties or who have committed a variety of misdemeanors.

Former DOJ Special Agent Greg Cameron said the program has become “gun confiscation under the guise of safety.” NPR recently ran an enthusiastic story on the roundup efforts.

The guns being taken by authorities are legally purchased and registered, according to gun rights advocates, and are only being taken because the owners have landed somehow on the ever-expanding “prohibited” list.

One case cited by the NRA involves a man named Joe Mendez, who is not otherwise identified.

Mendez said that a police officer came to his door and asked him to come outside, using a story about a hit-and-run car crash.

Once outside, Mendez claims, he was held at gunpoint and handcuffed while authorities ransacked his home looking for weapons and ammo that he had purchased legally. See more of his story here.

The incident bears out the contention of gun rights advocates that registration lists are not for the safety of the public, but for use by the state in targeting law abiding gun owners.

Our constitution is in crisis, put there by Marxists in federal and state governments.

A Department of Defense training manual recently became public that once again paints people who believe in personal liberty and the Constitution as some sort of terrorist threat. The manual uses the Founding Fathers as an example of an extremist group. Why not? They all owned guns, after all.

Conservatives generally don’t advocate violence except in self-defense. Raids against lawful gun owners obviously are being planned with the intention of provoking a response.

If, during one of these raids, some gun owner rightly decides that he doesn’t lawfully have to give up his guns and the shooting starts, it will be just the excuse the government is looking for.